Saturday, November 21, 2015

Программа ВРЕМЯ в 2100 (21.11.2015) 21 ноября 2015 «1 канал»

Ученые: Земля - пасмурная планета

Видео массовой драки в Караганде появилось в соцсетях

Европа закрывает границы

Либерия: Эбола возвращается

Израиль закрыл палестинское радио в Хевроне

Русский Добрыня в память о героической Дизель

Брюссель: жизнь продолжается несмотря на террористическую угрозу

Брюссель: «неминуемая угроза терактов»

Египет: террористы не стесняются убивать единоверцев

Oltre un migliaio di migranti bloccati alla frontiera tra Grecia e Maced...

Liberia: 3 nuovi casi di Ebola

Belgio: la vita quotidiana dei cittadini malgrado l'allerta

Massima allerta a Bruxelles: chiusa anche la metropolitana fino a domani

Turchia, arrestati ad Ankara tre sospetti militanti dell'Isil. Tra loro ...

I primi funerali di una delle vittime degli attentati di Parigi.

Ebola re-emerges in Liberia: three new cases announced

Balkan border controls cause knock-on effect

"A war without a face": the streets of Brussels react to raised terror a...

Diesel: from Russia with love

Brussels on full security alert, metro closed

Ebola : trois nouveaux cas confirmés au Liberia

Dobrynya pour remplacer Diesel, victime de Daesh

Réfugiés : contrôles aux frontières renforcés dans les Balkans

Bruxelles sous haute surveillance en raison de menaces "précises" d'atte...

Cyborgs veroveren Nederland

'Brussel vandaag spookstad'

The day Aga Radwanska's phone broke down

CNNGo TV in Hong Kong: Who we met, where we went

Hidden camera: Exposed! (CBC Marketplace)

TORONTO - Girl, 13, forced into sex trade

Toronto police say a 13-year-old girl was forced into prostitution after being lured on Facebook by a 17-year-old girl.
Three people have been charged with human trafficking offences, including the 17-year-old suspect. The victim was held captive for a month, Insp. Joanna Beaven-Desjardins told reporters on Friday. During that time, the people accused in the case forced the victim to have sex with clients in Niagara Falls, Toronto and Brampton. Beaven-Desjardins said the victim and the teenage suspect had mutual Facebook friends. After talking to each other on social media, police allege that the 17-year-old lured the victim to a meet-up with another one of the accused, 22-year-old Kahmal Howard Paris.
Police said it was during that meeting at Paris's Toronto home that the victim was told she would be taken to Niagara Falls to perform sexual services for clients.

INC News, 21/11/2015 - via CBC News

The Difference Between the U.S. and Euro-Zone Economies

Indian injured by US police speaks out - BBC News

US prosecutors say they plan to try a police officer for a third time for allegedly using excessive force against an Indian grandfather who was pushed to the ground while he went for a morning walk. 
Eric Parker has been tried twice in a federal court on the charge of use of excessive force - both times the jury failed to reach a unanimous decision. The incident in February this year left Sureshbhai Patel partially paralysed. In an exclusive interview with the BBC, Mr Patel's family say they hope the officer involved, Eric Parker, goes to prison for what happened. Mr Parker is still awaiting trial for a state charge of third degree assault. The family is also suing for damages. The policeman says he didn't mean to hurt Mr Patel, but acted in the interests of officer safety. The case made international headlines - the Indian government raised concerns, prompting an apology from the Governor of Alabama.

INC News, 21/112015 - via BBC News

US Doctor: "We Need to Do Our Part" for Refugees

Belgium on High-Alert of Paris-Style Attack

Kunduz Report: Lack of leadership blamed for fall

UpFront : Why do people join ISIL?

Double standards in the Paris attacks coverage - The Listening Post (Full)

NOT IN MY NAME is the mote of thousands Muslims in the world today


INC News, 21/11/2015 - via web

Семьям погибших в Мали ульяновцев окажут помощь

UN Approves Action Against "Global Threat" of IS

Брюссель: «неминуемая угроза терактов»

ООН: резолюция против ИГИЛ

Турция: арестован боевик, разведавший объекты Парижских терактов

Местные жители: Брюссель стал похож на военную базу

Двухлетие Майдана: разрушенная экономика, инфляция, коррупция и нищета

Последствия авиаударов ВКС РФ по позициям ИГ