Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Russian paratroopers land on drifting ice block in Arctic, set up base

3D virtual objects that can be touched and felt

La Lituania oscura il canale russo Planeta

Svaligiata la 'via dei diamanti' a Londra: furto record da 275 milioni d...

Omicidio di un uomo di colore, scattano le proteste negli Usa

Kenya: congelati gli averi dei sospetti dell'attacco all'università di G...

Tsipras da Putin: ''Nuovo inizio nei rapporti con Mosca'', aumenta la co...

Palestinese pugnala due soldati israeliani. Uno è grave. Ucciso l'aggres...

Catalonia: 11 arrested for suspected links to ISIL

Jewels 'worth millions' stolen from London's diamond district

Civil rights protests in North Charleston following fatal shooting of Wa...

Greece and Russia create new foundation for bilateral relations

Injured Yemen fighter dragged to safety under a shower of bullets

Kenya: Education under attack

NASA: Proof of alien life in 20 years

The Richest Arab of the World [Documentary]

London diamond vault $370M heist

Boston Bombing Shows Vulnerability of U.S.: Liscouski

Why JPMorgan Is Banking on Employee Surveillance

Emerging Markets: Where to Put Your Money

Балтийские страны: нужна ли русским помощь Москвы? - BBC Russian

Информационная война и девочка, "которой не было" - BBC Russian

The mobile phone battery that recharges in 60 seconds

Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Found Guilty

What will Greek PM walk away with after Kremlin meeting?

Brazil: Clashes break out at protest against new labour law

Big change comes to Ferguson

Girl killed in Ukraine 'never existed' - BBC News


Russia readies end to Greek food embargo

Russia has drafted a number of proposals that could end the embargo on food products from Greece, Russia's Economic Development Minister Aleksey Ulyukayev said at a meeting with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Wednesday.

Drug burn in Panama

Mexican military halt drug tunnel construction near U.S. border

Атырауская полиция ищет владельцев золота, бриллиантов и мехов

Russia, sottomarino in fiamme: immerso in acqua per spegnere l'incendio

Tsipras vola a Mosca. Critiche da Europa e Usa

Germania: Grecia sbaglia strategia chiedendo risarcimenti (Markus Söder)

Urgent medical supplies and other aid due in Yemen

Greenpeace activists board oil rig in protest against Arctic drilling

Germany dismisses Greece's demand for billions in war reparations

Tsipras meets Putin in bid to strengthen Greek-Russian ties

Walter Scott's brother reacts to video of cop shooting

Pentagon's $10 billion 'flop' left U.S. ex...

Sources: Russians hacked White House

New book reveals intimate White House secrets

Congenital Heart Disease in Infants

Vicious pizza attack leaves woman with burned face

Everybody Has Been or Will Be Hacked: Activate's Wolf

The Role of the Strong Dollar in FedEx's Bid for TNT

Dementia: A month in the life (FULL documentary) - BBC News

Thieves Pull Off Major Jewelry Heist in London

Shocking Video Leads to South Carolina Cop Facing Murder Charges

With the new modern technology anything can be mystified or hided anymore.

But thanks to this new technology of our "Big Brother" we can discover how

many mistakes policemen in the world were made. In only USA we observe

an incredible number of cases like this one. Are we sure agents received proper


08/04/2015 - Mikhail Lermontov for INC News

Mom confronted by an angry crowd in a town dominated by Fundamentalist M...

Cats Listen to Cat Music at a Cat Cafe - Geniale idea in NT City

Ecco, queste sono idee che andrebbero sviluppate in ogni senso e azione.

Se si facessero questi studi sull'ambiente umano, forse si otterrebbero risultati

identici: un modo migliore della vita.

08/04/2015 - Mikhail Lermontov for INC News