Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The risk of flood is imminent?

No sign of diminishing the bad weather in England and now the storms follow one after the other putting at risk the safety of citizens, especially in Somerset, where the waves, violent, are destroying everything.
In that area is requested that all villagers evacuate in emergency.

GB under water

Atyrau, 05/02/2014 INC News

World Championship of sex or football?

Always knew that in Brazil, as in Nigeria, the sexual abuse of children and adults is the gross domestic product of a nation, where the rules of the game of life are established with machetes or the sound of dollars. Myself in 1987, I was in Rio de Janeiro and I went to visit the ghostly "favelas", but I also witnessed of other acts that I prefer not to mention here. This article presented by colleagues from SkyNews, you can follow what is happening in anticipation of the football World Cup, during which they will unleash all the perversions of our "Mr. Hyde" by night, and by day our "Dr. Jackal" defiantly will be present in the stadium to cheer for a team, going to Brazil just for the purpose prohibited, the team he did not care to hear anything.
World Cup of Sex?

Atyrau, 05/02/2014 - Mikhail Lermontov for INC News

Stop child abuse from the Vatican?

Unfortunately for the Catholic Church, some government finally began to put his fists on the table, and ask for the expulsion of all the prelates of the Vatican accused or suspected of having committed crimes or child abuse. The outstanding personality of Pope Francis is now faced with the reality of a never-ending drama, in which it is accountable not only to those Catholics, but to the whole world. We are in favor of children abused defenseless and the conviction of rapist priests.
Vatican and child abuse

Atyrau, 05/02/2014 - INC News

Vladimir Putin in the cage with predator!

The President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin never stops to wonder. Now he is at Sochi National Park in the cage with the predator. It is a cub of leopard but she is not a meek kitty at all. According to the video she is a quite aggressive. Despite that animal bit journalist’s leg Putin bravely stayed in the cave and moreover he got friends with that little cute animal. “I like animals, maybe because I feel them” Putin says. Apparently the leader of Russia treats and understands animals as well as he gets on well with people. 

Almaty,05/02/14 - INCnews