Saturday, January 25, 2014

West v East: Ukraine split in half amid violence engulfing capital

Violent video: Ukraine rioters brutally beat police, storm local admin b...

Два украинских милиционера отпущены демонстрантами

Crash d'un jet privé lors au décollage au Colorado

Again shooting in a USA shopping center

Continues the escalation of armed attacks in USA from civilian inside shopping center... Continue the loosing of humans by armed human hand.. And Obama does nothing to stop the selling or guns to civilians... What we are waiting?
Again USA shoots in the shopping center

Atyrau, 25/01/2014 - INC News

Ukraine ready to combat? Critical situation - Break news

What we have suspected it seems on the way to be realized as reality. The mass of people has occupied the Energy Ministery and the request of armed reaction is really near to explode in a massacre...
Ukraine in dangerous situation

Atyrau, 25/01/2014 - INC News

Breaking news: Chaos in Egypt

In several area's of the planet, it seems that a new revolution is on the way to explode with guns... Egypt, after the last attacks also today a bomb car is exploded, causing a lot blessures and died... We are on the way to do what? To create the presumptions of a new war?
Egypt into chaos

Atyrau, 25/01.2014 - INC News

Video: Anapolis, Brazil, incredible survival of child and woman in a car accident

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President Obama interrupted by hecklers during speech in San Francisco -...

Who are they? Chinese? Kazakh? Japaneses?

Atyrau, 25/01/2014 - INC News

Chinese paper sculptures stretch imaginations in New York - no comment

Graphic footage: Panic at the San Fermin Festival - no comment


Drone footage: Divided Kiev

Imagines captured by a clone in Kiev

Aatyrau, 25/01/2014 - INC News (from RTL Russua)

Streets barricades in Kiev

Impossible to stop the activists in revolution to have Ukraine in Europe, and more the time proceeds more the situation can be crashed onto a terminal attack from Police against civilians already in a situation very dangerous.
Ukraine today

Atyrau, 25/01/2014 - INC News

Laude to Reuter photographer

The photo of the moment in web

Atyrau, 25/01/2014 - INC News