Friday, October 11, 2013

Nobel prize throughout life price

An incredible courage and strength has been demonstrated by 16 old Pakistani girl Malala Yousafzai undoubtedly a winner for a Nobel prize. She's been hardly recovered from the recent attack on the Taliban terrorists, who has found the power in her brave and ambitious heart to speak up for the women's right of dignity and quality of life; for children's right of education. She said: ''I am the one of the million injured children'' by the streams of terrorism and human's ignorance. And she does not see the shooting her offenders as a payment back – incredible mercy!
It is absolutely true about violence over women in India, Pakistan and other Asian countries. Thousands of women are committed to domestic violence each day. Fairly Malala addressed her speech to women as if recalling them to fight for the rights of dignity and good life. Who else except Clara Zetkin and Rosa Luxemburg won the battle for equal opportunities and women's suffrage. Valentina Tereshkova and  Marie Curie proved to all the world that women can achieve outstanding goals and stand together with the men at the same pedestal in science, fly to the space. Malala is a beautiful example of brave and kind hearted woman.  At the age of egoism and cynicism this young brave lady has spoken in such a wise manner and so desperately stands for the rights of victims.  And she fairly deserves honour and respect. Well done, MalalaYousafzai!!!

Atyrau, 11/10/2013-Mira Kartbayeva