Friday, May 22, 2015

RUSSIA - Apocalyptic rainstorm floods Moscow streets, lightning blasts gas station

A heavy rainstorm washed over the Russian capital on Friday, prompting an extreme weather warning, sending torrents of water rushing down the city’s streets, and blowing up a gas station with lightning. After a warm, muggy Friday afternoon, the sky above Moscow suddenly darkened, sending the city into twilight. Soon after, the clouds erupted in a powerful thunderstorm.The thunderstorm was accompanied by winds of up to 38 miles per hour (17 meters per second), fresh breeze to fresh gale by international standards. Forecasts say the rainy weather will continue through the night and into Saturday.

INC News, 22/05/2015 -via RT

Eiffel Tower staff strike in protest at pickpockets

Francia, giro di vite contro lo spreco di cibo nella grande distribuzione

Arabia Saudita: attentato contro moschea sciita rivendicato da Isil

Richemont soffre le fluttuazioni del cambio: in calo le vendite di april...

La Torre Eiffel resta chiusa per la protesta di chi ci lavora. Troppi bo...

Spagna, bimbo chiuso nel trolley a Ceuta ottiene permesso di 1 anno

Mixed reaction to French plans to force supermarkets to donate unsold food

ISIL to blame for Saudi Arabia Shi'ite mosque suicide attack

Paris pickpocket protest forces closure of Eiffel Tower

Colombia FARC fighters end truce after government attack

'Very intensive' work needed for Greek bailout deal, says Merkel

Inside New York's Rikers Island prison

Eating sheep's brains: Bonkers or brave? BBC News

Thailand's human trafficking trade - BBC News

Raw: Unexploded WW2 Bomb Found in London

Suspect in DC Mansion Murder Arrested

ЕС предоставит Украине помощь в размере €1,8 млрд

Жительница Перми сдает ягодицы в аренду рекламщикам

В Колумбии хоронят жертв оползня

Саудовская Аравия: теракт в шиитской мечети

Заряди и рули: в Испании появилась станция беспроводной зарядки электром...

Вена: к финалу "Евровидения - 2015" все готовы!

Итальянская полиция нашла алиби для арестованного "террориста"

Рим: однополые пары смогли оформить отношения

Ирландия скажет "да" однополым бракам?

Рекордшы Цирульников


Russian space agency Roscosmos misused $1.8bn 

Russia's Audit Chamber has discovered $1.8 billion of financial violations in the Roscosmos space agency. According to Chamber head Tatyana Golikova, this included accounting violations, misuse of budget funds and inefficient spending on construction.

Fatta la legge, trovato l'inganno e meglio di un italiano nessuno puo' tanto!

Utilizzando un piccolo software, Don Giulio ha bypassato le sanzioni della importazione e della pubblicitá derivata dall'embargo verso la Russia. Se un poliziotto passa davanti alla insegna pubblicitaria del magazzino di Don Giulio, l'immagine cambia, da quella dei suoi prodotti a una innocente immagine di bambole russe! INC News, 22/05/2015

Is Putin's rumored girlfriend pregnant?

Corfu Deaths: Thomas Cook Boss 'Regrets' Not Apologising To Family

Corona: Rare halo on sun spotted in Mexican sky

South Korea 'nut rage' woman freed

Saffron could help combat dengue, says Brazilian study

Voyage dans le temps en ascenseur jusqu’au sommet de New York

Auto elettrica, la ricarica del futuro è wireless - futuris

Spazio: dopo incidenti Progress e Proton la Russia riforma il settore

Festival Eurovisione, selezionati tutti i finalisti

Attentato di Tunisi: marocchino arrestato era a scuola in Italia il 18 m...

Irlanda: venerdì referendum su nozze gay, nei sondaggi sì in testa

Isil: la propaganda punta su "giovani ai quali fare lavaggio del cervello"

Ireland expected to say "I do" to gay marriage

Rocket failures deal heavy blow to Russia space programme

Bardo museum attack suspect had been rescued off migrant boat, say police

Eurovision Song Contest finalists decided

Rome: Same sex couples celebrate first civil unions

High above New York City


Casualties feared in a suicide bomber attack on mosque in Saudi Arabia

A bomber has detonated explosives at a Shiite mosque in the east of Saudi Arabia during Friday prayers. There are reports of several casualties.

Air Canada cracks down on carry-on luggage

Exclusive: Spy agencies target mobile phones to implant spyware

RAW: Toronto shooting aftermath

How to Know If Your Expensive Wine Is Fake

Pyrex Still Hot After 100 Years

Alabama Tourism on Rise 5 Years After BP Spill

D.C. Mansion Murder Suspect Caught

DC Mansion Murder: Manhunt for Daron Dylon Wint Leads to NYC

ISIS Expands, Another City Falls