Sunday, November 16, 2014

Cruise Ship Hit With Norovirus Outbreak Docks in Los Angeles

More than 170 passengers and crew on a nearly month-long cruise that docked in California on Sunday fell ill with norovirus while on the ship, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Symptoms of norovirus include diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, fever and body aches, which 158 passengers and 14 crew members have reported suffering from during the 28 days of aboard the Crown Princess, operated by Princess Cruises, according a statement from the CDC. The Crown Princess was supposed to return to port in Los Angeles on Saturday, but the boat had to make a diversion to Nuku Hiva, in the Marquesas Islands, last Monday when a crew member was stricken with an ailment that required emergency surgery due to an "entirely separate and individual medical issue," according to a statement from Princess Cruises.

RAW: Recovery of MH17 flight debris underway in E. Ukraine

RAW: First moments after MH17 crash caught on camera

Argentina and Chile gay parades call for equal rights

Women's rights campaigner survives Afghanistan suicide attack

Dutch ban poultry transport after finding deadly bird flu strain

The advertising change, nowadays.Not only famous actresses...

Who said that only a famous personage can be a sponsor for something?
It depends of what should be sponsored and who is the sponsor.

INC News, 16/11/2014

Alluvione a Milano, c’è chi viene soccorso in gommone


Dutch authorities say bird flu found at a poultry farm 
is “highly pathogenic” and measures are being taken to protect humans (Reuters)

Watch What Happened on Guinness World Record Day


Is, decapitato ostaggio americano Peter Kassig

A video purporting to show the killing of US aid worker Peter Kassig by Islamic State in Syria has been posted on the internet.

Netherlands: Dozens arrested at ‘Black Pete’ protests

Alluvione Milano

South-western France struck by deadly floods

Russian TV channel says photos show MH17 shot down by fighter jet

Переговоры, коалы и Обама-бургер: итоги первого дня саммита «Большой два...

Mercedes Максата Усенова после ДТП

7.3-magnitude earthquake hits Indonesia

U.S. traveler detained in Indonesia