Friday, September 25, 2015

Владимир Путин в телефонном разговоре попросил Элтона Джона не обижаться...

RAW: Protesters attack refugee bus with stones, fireworks in Finland

Mentally ill US inmate being dragged through jail days before his death

Дизайнер Екатерина Мячина представляет коллекцию верхней одежды

Родители не хотят лечить детей у врачей общей практики

ЭКСКЛЮЗИВ: Родня встала стеной за предполагаемого педофила

На севере страны дожди срывают уборочную кампанию

Казахстанские министры лишились сна из-за Трудового кодекса

Из тюрьмы Гуантанамо выйдет последний британец

Глава Porsche будет спасать Volkswagen

Германия: гомеопатов отравили наркотиками сектанты?

В Швейцарии завели дело на Блаттера

Папа римский Франциск выступит в ООН

На о.Лесбос прибыло рекордное число мигрантов. ЕС обещает помочь

В 10 странах стартовали продажи iPhone 6s и iPhone 6s Plus - economy

Франция дает беженцам кров, не признавая их дипломов - reporter

Саудовская Аравия: паломники возобновили хадж на следующий день после тр...

Папа Римский прибыл в Нью-Йорк

"Дизельный скандал": Маттиас Мюллер - наиболее вероятный преемник Мартин...


Guantanamo: Usa libereranno ultimo detenuto britannico

Germania: intossicati a un convegno medico, l'ombra della setta

Fifa, Blatter è indagato: la Svizzera apre un procedimento penale

Il Papa all'Onu: "diritto all'ambiente" e chiede la riforma del Consigli...

Migranti: sbarco record a Lesbo, Italia e Grecia chiedono garanzie su ho...

Apple, i nuovi iPhone 6S sbarcano sugli scaffali (ma non in Italia) - ec...

Dalla Siria alla Francia. La nuova vita di Sohaib - reporter

Arabia Saudita, ripresi i riti a Mina dopo la tragedia. Riyad: inchiesta...

Matthias Müller favorito per la successione alla guida di Volkswagen

Germania: il governo federale rimborsa le regioni per i rifugiati

Tripping victims at homeopathy conference may have been sect members

Sepp Blatter quizzed by Swiss prosecutors

Pope Francis takes the UN by storm with hard-hitting appeal to save the ...

Lesbos feels the strain of refugees and fears they are here to stay

Paralyzed man takes first steps using brain-computer interface, USA

Out of hell, into limbo: the plight of Syrian refugees in France - reporter

Hajj tragedy possibly caused by failure to follow instructions

Pope Francis prays for the victims of the hajj tragedy

Matthias Mueller expected to be named new Volkswagen CEO

Derde brand in twee weken in Dokkum

10-jarige burenruzie ten einde

Raadsvergadering loopt uit de hand

Een debat over vluchtelingenopvang in de raadsvergadering van gemeente Purmerend liep gisteravond uit op een complete chaos. Er waren te veel mensen op de vergadering afgekomen en de burgemeester liet de politie de vele gasten uit de zaal zetten. INC News, 25/09/2015 - Schiedam, via De Telegraaf

Plot Thickens as Russian Expands Syria Presence

Byzantine Mosaic May Hold Key to Hanukkah Heroes

Pope Supports Nuns Battling HHS Mandate

Woman critical after truck crashes at Lakeshore and Royal York

A woman was critically injured after the pickup truck she was driving crashed into a telephone pole in Etobicoke early this morning. The crash happened just after 1 a.m. at Lake Shore Boulevard West and Royal York Road. Images from the scene captured by CBC Toronto overnight reporter Tony Smyth show the truck fully wrapped around the telephone pole. As of 6 a.m., there was no update on the driver's condition. Beverly Banks, who lives near the site of the crash, told CBC News she was awakened by a loud noise. "I was in my apartment and I heard squeaking wheels going through the intersection and then a big bang," she said. "I instantly knew there was an accident." She called 911 and went outside to find the driver on the ground outside of the crumpled truck. "I'm not sure how she got on the ground. The vehicle is almost in half. While police investigated the crash, Lake Shore Boulevard was closed to traffic in both directions from Royal York to Dwight Avenue. That closure ended just after 9 a.m. Traffic was also diverted around the area. INC News, 25/09/2015 - Schiedam, via CBC News

On patrol with Kiev's new police force - BBC News

Raw: Illinois Zoo Announces New Baby Gorilla

How much should be important this news is related to the fact that number of

Gorilla's in captivity become pregnant is really few, and this event gives the

hoping that number of elements be more in the future.

INC News, 25/09/2015 - Schiedam, via AP

Raw: Magnitude 6.6 Earthquake Hits Indonesia

A 6.6-magnitude quake hit in waters off Indonesia's easternmost province early Friday, injuring dozens of people, damaging buildings and sending panicked residents fleeing from homes, hotels and even a hospital.

INC News, 25/09/2015 - via AP