Monday, February 24, 2014

President of Ukraine Yanukovich WANTED.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine proclaimed to want the president of the country Victor Yanukovich on suspicion of involvement in massive killing of peaceful citizens. It was stated by Acting Head of Office Arsen Avakov on his Facebook page.

According to his statements, current location of the president is unknown, while he refused the state protection. Last time Yanukovich was seen at night on 24 February on the way to Belbek airport, which he finally could not reach.  
These days in Ukraine were repeatedly published non-confirmative messages about the location of Yanukovich and his hypothetical gateway of the country. Opposition deputy Alexandr Briginets, in particular wrote on Facebook that Yanukovich was recognized in one of the Moscow patriarchal churches along with guardians and close relatives.
The journalist of «Ukrainian Truth» Tatyana Chornovil in turns reported that the president allegedly was going to escape from country by sea. According to her words, the yacht «Bandido» is under preparation in Balaklav near Sevastopol.
Finally, political analyst Pavel Nuss stated to UNN agency that vanished president has allegedly been liquidated by foreign secret services.
Victor Ynukovich left Kiev on 21 February at the background of confrontation with opposition. His departure was preceded by violating encounter of radically intended «maidans» with power structure officers, where decades of people are dead.
The president sets from Kiev to Kharkov, where the congress of Southeast deputies of Ukraine was arranged, however he personally never arrived at it. Later on he communicated through a video message, where he reports that he is not going to resign. After this, according to MIA, Yanukovich arrived in Donetsk from where he attempted to set off on his private jet, but border guards stopped him.
Supreme RADA, which has passed into Opposition control voted for the resignation of Yanukovich on 22 February. It must be noted that this was done bypassing the official impeachment procedure, foreseen by Ukraine Constitution. Temporally as a President was assigned by deputies a new speaker of  the parliament Alexandr Turchinov.

Atyrau, 24-02-2014-Mira Kartbayeva for INCNews

Пассажира Московского метро расстреляли из травматики. Потерпевший представитель кавказской национальности.

Пока шла Олимпиада в Сочи мы наблюдали за сменами декораций и победами Российских спортсменов,а в это время в Московском  метро происходит что-то похожее на отрывки из западных блогбастеров. Смотрите сами. 


Carnaval from Brazil on the way to arrival

Rio Carnaval
After so much war news, finally a cheerful news: Begin the festivities of the Brazilian Carnival, the most famous in the world, with equal importance with that of Venice (Italy). Sounds, colors, costumes, music, samba, will be the main topics that will compete in the lists of things to do in Rio de Janeiro, between the beaches of Ipanema and  Copacabana.
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Ukraine against Ukraine?

How could this be if not so? Now those who had always supported Yanukovych railed against the sostenitory of Tymoshenko and the danger of a new series of battles is getting closer more and more
Ukraine against Ukraine?

Atyrau, 24/02/2014 - INC News

Editorial about end of Olympic Winter Games

Winter Olympic Games closed. Now we have to draw conclusions. We argue that the $ 51 billion spent on these games have seen them all, unlike other editions exaggerated. Games started with a thousand fears, but in the end they never made ​​those threats provided. Work of the organization or Vladimir Putin? Not just a great politician can get a perfect edition of the games, we need also  a massive organization capable of handling more than 25 thousand volunteers and the management of the place itself. If we had given a positive opinion at the opening ceremony, the closing ceremony it felt even better! The stunning choreography and scenography with constant changes of color and light, with constant allegories produced in an excellent way, gave birth to an unforgettable evening, during which the President of the Olympic Committee Bach has correctly pointed out that today's Russia is no longer the Russia in the past. We who are right inside the thing we can confirm this: With these Olympic Games Russia has told the world who really she is.

Atyrau, 24/02/2014 - Mikhail Lermontov for INC News