Monday, October 14, 2013

.WANTED! Madelaine cold case, and not only her..

The case of Madelaine has been opened again, and now Scotland Yard has an identification of the possible murder. I consider the case of Madeleine only one of the hundred international cases of mysterious disappearances of babies, in particular the 2 twins kidnapped by their father in Italy, and the case of Rosita Celentano, practically dissolved in the air the same day of her disappearance more than 20 years ago. Many others are still cases without resolution, like Orlandi's case in Vatican, and I find correct to give a help to the Interpol or Scotland Yard or Carabinieri publishing also in our commentary news, the picture of the guy they are searching.
So, please: if someone of you remember something about this person, call the police station of your town and explain your opinion. We all have the power to help the Official Institutions of Police to stop the activity of a criminal person which can continue to live around us without problems.

Atyrau, 14-10-2013, Mikhail Lermontov