Friday, January 17, 2014

The City of North Europe

A lot of people wants to visit Holland for its channels and for flowers, forgetting that exists other cultural aspects of the cities. Rotterdam is one of this example. Every year a lot of festivals attract people from all over the world, and not only festivals, but also concerts, activity of dance on the road and fashion show, which produce a big benefit for the economy of the city, famous in the world to be "The City" of affairs, job and art/culture.

Atyrau, 17/01/2014-INC News

Italian style all over in Russia!

We would like to invite to read this interesting article which show how much Italian influenced Russia in the epoca. Not only Petersburg was a copy of Italy's cities. And for us, journalists, in constantly trip between Europa and Russia, it is a pleasure to note how much be Russia in changing thanks to European Style and Life.

Atyrau, 17/01/2014

Bravi, davvero!

Dopo 13 anni un nuovo oro per il pattinaggio artistico su ghiaccio, categoria coppia-figura. Una esibizione degna di un mondiale che, sommato al bronzo di Carolina Kostner, fa riprendere quota allo sport su ghiaccio italiano, rimasto da anni nell'ombra.

Atyrau, 17/01/2014-INC News

Pictures of Volodia to see

We believe that is logical that this man, at his age, be still the same macho as in young age: he was an Agent of KGB, so a special man. What we are surprised that he is still young not only outside but also inside! We cannot compare him with anyone else, including Obama. He gives everyday an image of himself completely different from before. Is this due to the magic of divorce?

Atyrau, 17/01/2014-INC News