Monday, June 8, 2015

KAZAKHSTAN - Italian astronaut to land in Kazakhstan on Soyuz in June

Samantha Cristoforetti, the first woman astronaut in Italy's history, will land back on the Earth at 3:43 p.m. (CET time; 7:43 p.m. Kazakhstan time) on Thursday, June 11, after spending more than six months in outer space.
The news was reported to AGI, the Italian News Agency, by sources of NASA. The Soyuz TMA-15M spacecraft is expected to land in the Kazakhstan's deserted steppes, near the city of Dzhezkazgan, south of Karaganda. The spacecraft that will be carrying Samantha Cristoforetti, Russia's Anton Shkaplerov and the American Terry Virts, will undock from the Rassvet module of the Russian segment of the International Space Station (ISS) at 12:20 p.m. CET time. The spacecraft is then expected to exit its orbit at 14:51 p.m. and land shortly after. Cristoforetti and Virts will be greeted by the authorities after a quick on-site medical test and subsequently be flown on a NASA flight to the Houston Space Center. There Samantha will be submitted to a long rehabilitation process after more than six months spent in a gravity-free environment and will download all the scientific data collected.
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Суд увеличил срок заключения правозащитнице из Бахрейна

Зайнаб аль-Хаваджа, отбывающая наказание в Бахрейне за то, что разорвала фотографию короля страны, нескоро сможет выйти на свободу. На днях суд продлил срок ее тюремного заключения. Правозащитник Саид Юсуф аль-Мухафда уверен, что власти постараются как можно дольше держать Зайнаб в тюрьме, чтобы лишить ее возможности бороться за демократические ценности и права человека в Бахрейне.

В Актюбинской области неизвестная болезнь продолжает косить домашний скот

G7 сохранит санкции против России

Исландия отдаст день кредиторам. За 39% - economy

Люксембуржцы ответили «нет» на референдуме

США: побег из тюрьмы строгого режима

Второй день саммита G7: защита климата и противодействие терроризму

AMERICA - Obama: More G7 sanctions against Russia if Ukraine conflict continues

The G7 states are ready to implement additional Russia sanctions over Ukraine, US President Barack Obama said at the G7 summit in Bavaria on Monday.
“There is strong consensus that we need to keep pushing Russia to abide by the Mink agreement,”Obama said. He added that the Western partners also need to encourage Kiev to stick to the Minsk deal.
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AMERICA - Women raped by ISIS unable to get abortions due to US law

Women raped by ISIS and other terror groups are being denied abortions due to a US law which prohibits federal aid from being spent on pregnancy termination. Christian, Muslim and Jewish leaders are calling on President Obama to change the legislation. The law preventing the abortions is the Helms amendment, which was drafted 42 years ago. It forbids US foreign aid money from funding abortion “as a method of family planning or to motivate or coerce any person to practice abortion.”
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AMERICA - NASA finally launches flying saucer like prototype to edge of space

NASA has launched “Low Density Supersonic Decelerator” (LDSD), known simply as a ‘flying saucer.’, as part of its step towards a manned mission to Mars.
LDSD went up on Monday from the US Navy Pacific Missile Range Facility in Hawaii. After the launch, it will take LDSD around three hours to reach an altitude of 120,000 feet.
This is known as test altitude, and about 45 minutes after the balloon reaches this height a solid-fueled rocket engine will power up and fire the test vehicle at Mach 4 up to 180,000 feet, the edge of the stratosphere. The vehicle will then slow down to Mach 3 and it will deploy the Supersonic Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerator (SIAD). The SIAD initiates a further deceleration to a sedate Mach 2.4, the maximum speed of most fighter jets, and then the test vehicle will deploy a supersonic parachute, which will bring it down to a controlled impact on water.
INC News, 08/06/2015 - via RT

Boston police release video of fatal terror suspect shooting

Ancora una volta poliziotti che vengono accusati di agire in modo non 
consono al loro scopo. Ci si puó chiedere, onestamente, come mai avvenga 
questa escalation in questi ultimi mesi e non cosí numerosi i casi nel passato.

Again policemen who are accused of acting in a non-
suited to their purpose. One may wonder, honestly, why happens

this escalation in recent months and not so many cases in the past.

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Evasione da film da un carcere di New York

Effettivamente ci si chiede come abbiano potuto fare un vrco nelle pareti di acciaio....

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Il Times sposta il suo baricentro europeo su Londra: "A Parigi meno fles...

Poca concorrenza sulla Manica, Eurotunnel costretta a vendere i traghett...

Going Deutsch: climate change and radical extremism are on the agenda at...

Politics of same-sex marriage

Protesters vow to disrupt G7 summit, police say otherwise

2 killers use power tools to escape maximum prison

Obama's ISIS, Russia Strategy in Question at G-7

Turkish President's Party Loses Majority Rule

'Don't Give Up': Stranger Gives Car to Single Mom

A tough Monday for Toronto Transit users as TTC subway goes down

Drive for computer coding literacy in Hong Kong

23 new MERS cases detected in South Korea

Florida Police Search for Man Who Held Real Estate Agents at Gunpoint

Plane Skids Off Runway During Landing at Buffalo Niagara Int'l Airport

Fire Crews Battle Huge Blaze at Pennsylvania Chemical Warehouse

ARABIA SAUDITA - Carcere e mille frustate. L’Arabia non perdona il blogger

Fino al 9 gennaio scorso pochi conoscevano il nome di Raif Badawi che pure tra il 2008 e il 2012 aveva affidato quotidianamente al sito Saudi Free Liberals Forum le sue riflessioni di volteriano arabo. Poi, poche ore dopo aver denunciato l’attentato alla redazione di Charlie Hebdo definendolo «codardo», Riad decise di procedere contro il blogger arrestato 3 anni prima per apostasia e partirono le prime 50 delle 1000 frustate disposte dal tribunale religioso (oltre a 10 anni di prigione e una multa da un milione di riyal). Adesso, indifferente alla mobilitazione internazionale lanciata nel frattempo da Amnesty International, la Corte Suprema conferma la sentenza: Raif Badawi dovrà inginocchiarsi di nuovo in mezzo alla folla di fedeli urlanti «Allah uakbar» per ricevere la seconda razione della pena riservata ai bestemmiatori di Dio e così via, ogni santo venerdì dell’islam, per 19 settimane. 
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A 67 anni Grace Jones sale sul palco in topless tribale

Jail for destroying king's pic: Mother of 2 latest victim of Bahrain regime

Search through China's capsized ship cabins

Elezioni in Turchia: tonfo dei mercati finanziari

Sud Corea, sale a 87 il bilancio dei contagi da virus Mers

Immigrati, Renzi: "Le proposte dell'UE sono insufficienti". I governator...

Presidente argentina Cristina Fernandez a colloquio con Papa Francesco

Elezioni turche, l'Akp vince ma perde la maggioranza assoluta

Turchia. Partito filo-curdo festeggia storico risultato

Turkish lira hits record low as election brings uncertainty

G7 leaders take a tough line against Russia at Alpine summit

Argentine president meets Pope in Rome

South Korean parents grapple with MERS worries

Texas cop caught on camera pulling gun on kids

How did 2 convicted killers escape from N.Y. prison?

FHRITP: Female reporters challenging the harassers

Disappointment for supporters of Turkey's AK party

Search Continues for Convicted Killers Who Escaped NY Prison

AMERICA - Outrage as Texas cops break up teenage pool party, violently force black girl to ground

A McKinney, Texas police officer has been suspended after a clip went viral showing him throwing a black bikini-clad teenager to the ground and chasing her friends with a gun. Police were called in because of “too many black teens” partying in the area.
A video filmed on June 5 and posted on YouTube by Brandon Brooks has scored hundreds of thousands of views, causing a wave of online outrage. It shows McKinney police officers forcing a group of black teenagers dressed in sportswear and bathing suits to the ground, and chasing those who do not comply with what look like flashlights or Tasers. They also swear at the kids. 
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