Wednesday, April 22, 2015

‘Putin’s hand’ in Elle magazine: Louis Vuitton cover dress causes a stir...

200-mile ‘march2Justice’: Protesters rally against police brutality in US

Morphing wings allow drones to keep flying through midair collisions

Bullet-proof Bloodhound car aims for 1,000mph record

Семейную пару, пытавшуюся обменять ребенка на старый автомобиль, осудили

Il cuore come un chip - science

South Africa: 11 arrested, suspected of violence against immigrants

Hundreds more migrants land in Italy as protests put pressure on politic...

EU Commission charges Gazprom with abusing market position in eastern Eu...


House passes Cybersecurity threat information sharing bill

The United States House of Representatives has approved a controversial cyber bill that would encourage companies to share information about computer attacks with the federal government.
On Wednesday afternoon, lawmakers in the House voted 307-116 in favor of the Protecting Cyber Networks Act. It envisions expanded legal liability protections for corporations if they choose to voluntarily share certain kinds of digital data through a government “cyber portal” administered by the Department of Homeland Security.

43 fossilized dinosaur eggs found in China

Pope Francis to visit Cuba

Emergency landing after passenger loses consciousness

How Will Google’s New Wireless Service Work?

Thailand: Biggest seizure of smuggled ivory in Thai history - BBC News

Father Arrested After Boy Left in Hot Car Dies

Drone Found on Roof of Japanese PM's Office

Flash floods leave 200,000 Australians without power

15,000 couples across India marry in mass ceremony

Boston Marathon Trial Enters Penalty Phase


EU launches antitrust case against Gazprom

The European Union first launched an investigation into Gazprom in 2012, blaming Russia’s biggest gas producer for anti-competitive practices in Central and Eastern Europe. It said Gazprom was hindering the free flow of gas to member nations, preventing the diversification of gas supplies, and imposing unfair prices on customers by linking the price of gas to oil prices.

Alabama student marries ISIS fighter

Baltimore Mayor: I want to make sure we get this right

10 Listeria Illnesses Linked to Blue Bell Foods

Ashley’s War: The Courageous Story of Women on the Battlefield

US drug agency chief to step down amid 'sex parties' scandal

Libya detains 600 migrants as Europe struggles with tragedies

Boston Marathon Bombings trial

Solar-powered plane lands in eastern China, prepares to cross Pacific

Breathtaking & Record-breaking: 6 people use same paraglider in Siberia

Dubbi sulla sorte del "califfo" dell'ISIL. Forse è ferito

L'America si divide sulla pena di morte all'attentatore di Boston.

La Libia ferma i i migranti.

Baltimora protesta per l'ennesimo afroamericano morto dopo l'arresto.

Arrestato in Spagna un britannico. Era ricercato dallo scorso anno