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Saudi terrorism court 'to try women drivers'

Siamo certi che sia scritto davvero nel Libro Sacro, che le donne non possono guidare (potrebbero soffrirne le ovaie, dice un attivista) e non sia invece una traduzione mal eseguita del testo originale del libro scritto per la religione musulmana? I semplice fatto che Saudi Arabia sia il solo unico Paese ove le donne non possono guidare, fa seriamente pensare.

Two Saudi women who were detained for defying a ban on female drivers are to be tried in a terrorism court, activists say. Loujain al-Hathloul, 25, and Maysa al-Amoudi, 33, have been in detention for nearly a month. The women's cases had reportedly been transferred over comments they had made on social media - rather than for their driving, according to activists. Saudi Arabia is the world's only country to forbid women from driving. While it is not technically illegal for women to drive, only men are awarded driving licenses - and women who drive in public risk being fined and arrested by the police.
see article in : Saudi Arabia Women driving

INC News, 25/12/2015

Putin Calls for Less 'Latinization' of Russian Language

Quello che viene citato in questo articolo, sebbene sia un poco in controsenso con la realtá della vita quotidiana di tutti i giorni, ove l'anglofonia impera anche dove proprio non ci vorrebbe, non dimostra una fandonia o una presa di posizione assurda, bensí un qual certo purismo che, specialmente per la lingua italiana, non ci starebbe per nulla male. Non solo utilizzando l'anglofonia a sproposito si perde l'uso della propria lingua, ma si perde la connizione di dove ti stai trovando, facendo, mangiando, parlando, ridendo e cosí vale per usi e costumi. Perché dobbiamo dire "manager" quando potremmo dire "dirigente", perché dire "garage" e non "autorimessa"? Questo il contesto dell'intervento di Putin, a nostro avviso.
President Vladimir Putin has called for an end to the "excessive Latinization" of Russian words, expressing support for a lawmaker's initiative to cut down on the use of borrowed foreign terms in the Russian language.  
"When you arrive in certain cities, you immediately see the level of culture of local officials if in every corner the names of various institutions, advertisements, are exclusively in Latin letters. What country are we living in?" Putin said at a meeting of the State Council and the Council on Culture and Art, according to a transcript posted Wednesday on the Kremlin website. "The French won't change 'bistro' to 'cafe' just like that. There are some words that are just settled … We need to examine this more closely and attentively," Putin was cited as saying. 
State Duma Deputy Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a flamboyant personality who campaigned this year for the appointment of a new Russian tsar, has persistently criticized the use of borrowed words in Russian.
According to Zhirinovsky, there is no need for words like "dealer," "trader" and "manager" — words taken from English that have replaced their original Russian counterparts.
In July, Zhirinovsky's Liberal Democratic Party submitted a draft bill to the State Duma banning the use of foreign words. It received very little support at the time.

INC News, 25/12/2014 

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