Thursday, April 10, 2014

Expats music in Atyrau concert

After so much publicity, finally the time to see the concert by Guerino Papa and Tony Turi came on the 4th and the 5th  last April . The theatre was not complete, but many curious people able to attend the concert of two Italian singers, one of which was not yet known and one emerging now, reflecting the old themes of Italian singing in the period immediately after the war.
Well, perhaps this was the originality of the thing, singing old Partenopean (Napolitan) songs, mixing them with others of the modern era. Not an easy task at all, if we consider where the concert was held in Atyrau, a city famous for its trend difficult to culture and to the show. Opposite, the result was to see the public responsive, but not extremely warm, just because the two singers were unknown; only at the end of the applause they gave reason to the effort of singing Guerino, new voice warm and well-modulated, and the considerable organizational effort of Tony. Very poor performance of the presenter, poor in content and originality, as appeared it were addressed to him the speech, and not the singers. Unacceptable the mistake done by the technician of the theater, having anticipated the airing of the base of a song that would later be aired at the end of the concert: this, especially in the first day of the show, it can affect (and not only) the singer or actor involved. Having delivered flowers to the two singers at the end of the show, has demonstrated the spontaneous participation of the majority of local spectators , showing that he accepted the good performance of the two artists, though as yet unknown to them. But I have noticed that the Italian community in Atyrau probably was on vacation, just I was there...

The real success, I believe, will be the next month in Almaty together Pupo, star of Italian song style, where culture and entertainment have their home, and the Italian community is much bigger than in Atyrau...

Atyrau, 10/04/2014, Mikhail Lermontov for INC News