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Il caso Nadezhna tra Ukraina e Russia

Save nadezhda
Un nuovo caso che riguarda la lotta tra Ukraina e Russia sta nascendo in questi giorni e nonripreso da altri tabloid. Strano che pochi ne parlino, e' accusata di aver ucciso due giornalisti stranieri.
 Il video raccolto in You Tube ne da una misura, della cosa.

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Un nuovo lutto nella musica contemporanea

Un'altra grande bacchetta magica della musica seria se e e' andato. Un saluto ad un grande che ha fatto della sua vita una vera opera d'arte in musica.
Grazie per aver dato ai giovani tanta sua pazienza, Maestro Lorin Maazel.

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Lorin Maazel

Le Brésil termine sa coupe du monde au pied du podium

Разобщение между этническими группами Лондона растет

Today in History for July 13th

An Amoeba killer was the origin of dead of a little girl?

Amoeba killer
 secondo fonti del dipartimento di Salute Pubblica del Kansas, una fanciulla di 9 anni sarebbe deceduta in seguito ad una forma parassitica amoeboide di meningoencefalite, contratta nuotando nei laghetti che circondano la propria residenza.

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СМИ: в небе над Россией появился самолет ВВС Украины

from Pravda

Специальный корреспондент телеканала "Звезда" Максим Гриценко 13 июля сообщил, что самолет ВВС Украины нарушил воздушное пространство России. По его словам, он сам стал свидетелем этому, когда приехал в разбомбленный украинцами российский Донецк.

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News from Kazakhstan


Criminal case is opened against 'Gulnar Tour'

July 13, 10:15
Criminal case against the travel agency “Gulnar Tour” LLP is opened upon the application of 28 victims, reports with reference to the press service of city prosecutor's office.
As the message says the prosecutor's office of the Bostandyk district carried out the work directed on suppression of illegal actions of responsible persons of this LLP with purpose of timely restoration of the citizen - consumers’ rights who use "Gulnar Tour" travel agency’s services.

As a result, on July 9 the Department of Internal Affairs of Bostandyk district upon the application of the citizen Bagirova M. K. and others (according to initial data 28 victims), opened criminal case under Art. 177, p.3, p “b” of CC of Kazakhstan. The preliminary damage makes about 6 million tenge.

Consecution of investigation supervision of this crime is under a strict control of bodies of prosecutor's office, the message said.

We remind, at the beginning of a month of this year hundreds of clients of tour operator "Gulnar Tour" became hostages of a number of airports of Turkey and Kazakhstan. According to Committee of civil aviation, permission for operation of the plane of “Jet Airlines” Airline Company which is carrying out “Gulnar Tour” program, worked till June 30. Despite this the tour operator carried out sale of tickets for July flights.

It was reported later that during the meeting at the chairmanship of the Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Asset Isekeshev it was decided to send planes of a number of domestic airlines for the Kazakhstan tourists expecting the departure from Turkey.

According to Committee of civil aviation of the Ministry of transport and communications of Kazakhstan, "Gulnar Tour" ran into debt to air carriers about 700 million tenge.

(From Ak Zhaik)

Ancora su Papa Francesco - Again about Papa Francesco

Papa Francesco et le celibat
Il problema piu' antico e di difficile risoluzione, quello del celibato dei preti cattolici ( e che sembra sia l'origine di tanti drammi dela Chiesa e della gioventu'disturbata da preti pedofili) sta per essere affrontato da Papa Francesco.

Le problème le plus ancien et difficile à résoudre, que de le célibat des prêtres catholiques (et qui semble être à l'origine de nombreuses tragédies dela Eglise et les jeunes perturbés par des prêtres pédophiles) va être adressée par le pape Francis.
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El Papa y los Padrinos

Los Padrinos
Se ci meravigliamo di Putin, altrettanto ci stiamo meravigliando di Papa Francesco, che attacca la 'Nrangheta e la Mafia scomunicando 200 persone.

Si nos preguntamos por Putin, así como estamos maravillado por Papa Francesco, que ataca al 'Nrangheta y la mafia excomulgando a 200 personas.
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Putin continues to wonder us....

Putin Vows to Assist Cuba With Offshore Oil Exploration

Kremlin.ruPutin shaking hands with Cuban counterpart Raul Castro on Friday.
HAVANA — President Vladimir Putin pledged to help revive Cuba's struggling offshore oil exploration at the start of a six-day tour of Latin America as Russia aims to reassert its influence on the communist-ruled island.
Putin was joined in Havana by ally and head of state oil company Rosneft, Igor Sechin, to finalize a deal to explore for oil off Cuba's northern coast.
Putin also promised to reinvest $3.5 billion of Cuban debt with Russia into development projects on the island, part of a deal in which Russia forgave 90 percent of Cuba's debt, or almost $32 billion, most of it originating from Soviet loans to a fellow communist state.
Both measures inject much-needed foreign investment into Cuba and demonstrate an act of defiance against the U.S., which maintains a 52-year-old economic embargo that effectively shuts out many Western companies from doing business in Cuba.
"We will provide support to our Cuban friends to overcome the illegal blockade of Cuba," Putin said Friday.
Putin's journey to the back yard of the U.S. comes at a time when he is under pressure from the West to help restrain pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine and urge them to find a negotiated solution.
Sechin is one of the Russian executives the U.S. has targeted for economic sanctions over the Ukraine crisis. Washington has blacklisted individuals believed to be part of Putin's inner circle, and Sechin is among the most influential people in Russia.
On his first stop in Cuba, the Cold War ally of the former Soviet Union situated only 145 kilometers from the U.S., Putin met with former President Fidel Castro and current President Raul Castro before receiving the Medal of Jose Marti, Cuba's highest decoration.
Fidel Castro, 87, stepped down in favor of his brother for health reasons in 2008 after 49 years in power. For an hour he and Putin discussed international affairs, the global economy and Russian-Cuban relations, the Kremlin said.
Any major oil find would radically improve Cuba's economic trajectory.
Cuba produces about 55,000 barrels per day, or bpd, through aging onshore wells and imports about 110,000 bpd on favorable terms from socialist ally Venezuela.
Following a number of foreign companies whose wells have all come up dry, Russian oil company Zarubezhneft last year began drilling in Cuba's Boca de Jaruco area. That project has been suspended. Zarubezhneft also has been helping Cuba extract from existing onshore wells.
An aide to Putin in Moscow said on Thursday that Zarubeznheft would sign a new deal in Cuba along with Rosneft, but in the end only Rosneft was present.
"Developing new blocks on Cuba's offshore shelf is [expected] in the very near future," Putin said.

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Official rates currency change of 13-07-2014

For all people interested in, these are the rates for change currency related to yesterday evening

Rates Table 1.00 Euro Rates table

Top 10 Jul 13, 2014 13:26 UTC
Euro 1.00 EUR inv. 1.00 EUR
US Dollar 1.360739 0.734895
British Pound 0.794801 1.258177
Indian Rupee 81.552821 0.012262
Australian Dollar 1.448982 0.690140
Canadian Dollar 1.460753 0.684578
Emirati Dirham 4.997857 0.200086
Swiss Franc 1.213180 0.824280
Chinese Yuan Renminbi 8.441070 0.118468
Malaysian Ringgit 4.332864 0.230794
New Zealand Dollar 1.544013 0.647663
Alphabetical order Jul 13, 2014 13:26 UTC
Euro 1.00 EUR▲▼ inv. 1.00 EUR▲▼
Argentine Peso 11.090019 0.090171
Australian Dollar 1.448982 0.690140
Bahraini Dinar 0.512998 1.949324
Botswana Pula 12.041988 0.083043
Brazilian Real 3.021520 0.330959
British Pound 0.794801 1.258177
Bruneian Dollar 1.688139 0.592368
Bulgarian Lev 1.954272 0.511699
Canadian Dollar 1.460753 0.684578
Chilean Peso 753.577025 0.001327
Chinese Yuan Renminbi 8.441070 0.118468
Colombian Peso 2526.483309 0.000396
Croatian Kuna 7.614285 0.131332
Czech Koruna 27.451881 0.036427
Danish Krone 7.454670 0.134144
Emirati Dirham 4.997857 0.200086
Hong Kong Dollar 10.545724 0.094825
Hungarian Forint 310.223910 0.003223
Icelandic Krona 154.715888 0.006463
Indian Rupee 81.552821 0.012262
Indonesian Rupiah 15833.214269 0.000063
Iranian Rial 35188.482258 0.000028
Israeli Shekel 4.663836 0.214416
Japanese Yen 137.870036 0.007253
Kazakhstani Tenge 249.749672 0.004004
Kuwaiti Dinar 0.383592 2.606935
Latvian Lat 0.702800 1.422880
Libyan Dinar 1.632886 0.612412
Lithuanian Litas 3.452800 0.289620
Malaysian Ringgit 4.332864 0.230794
Mauritian Rupee 41.287201 0.024221
Mexican Peso 17.683138 0.056551
Nepalese Rupee 131.307656 0.007616
New Zealand Dollar 1.544013 0.647663
Norwegian Krone 8.406983 0.118949
Omani Rial 0.523884 1.908818
Pakistani Rupee 134.182435 0.007453
Philippine Peso 59.273776 0.016871
Polish Zloty 4.139503 0.241575
Qatari Riyal 4.953361 0.201883
Romanian New Leu 4.419407 0.226275
Russian Ruble 46.536888 0.021488
Saudi Arabian Riyal 5.103450 0.195946
Singapore Dollar 1.688139 0.592368
South African Rand 14.565258 0.068657
South Korean Won 1386.864790 0.000721
Sri Lankan Rupee 177.168203 0.005644
Swedish Krona 9.240408 0.108220
Swiss Franc 1.213180 0.824280
Taiwan New Dollar 41.170507 0.024289
Thai Baht 43.740910 0.022862
Trinidadian Dollar 8.648927 0.115621
Turkish Lira 2.885990 0.346501
US Dollar 1.360739 0.734895
Venezuelan Bolivar 8.562445 0.116789
Jul 13, 2014 13:26 UTC

the weather in the week - Previsioni del tempo per la settimana

La settimana economica - The economy in the week

Wall Street tenta la via dei rialzi grazie al surplus di bilancio registrato dagli Stati Uniti a giugno: il governo federale ha registrato un surplus di 70,5 miliardi di dollari con un deficit dall'inizio dell'anno fiscale di 366 miliardi di dollari, il minimo dal giugno 2008. In questo momento, il Dow Jones guadagna lo 0,09%, il Nasdaq sale dello 0,39% e lo S&P 500 avanza dello 0,08%. Il petrolio ha chiuso la seduta in calo di 2,1 dollari, il 2%, a 100,83 dollari il barile. Nella settimana il greggio ha perso il 3,1%. I titoli di Stato americani mantengono i rialzi con rendimenti in calo al 2,51% per il benchmark decennale e 3,34% per il titolo trentennale. Tra le valute, l'euro procede invariato a 1,3608 dollari mentre il biglietto verde perde terreno contro lo yen a quota 101,32

Wall Street tried the path of rising thanks to the budget surplus recorded by the United States in June: the federal government recorded a surplus of 70.5 billion dollars since the beginning of the fiscal year with a deficit of 366 billion dollars, the lowest level since June 2008. At this time, the Dow Jones gained 0.09%, the Nasdaq rises of 0.39% and the S & P 500 advancing 0.08%. Oil ended the session down by $ 2.1, 2%, to $ 100.83 a barrel. In the week crude oil lost 3.1%. The U.S. government securities remain with the increases in yields drop to 2.51% for the benchmark ten-year and 3.34% for the title thirty years. Among currencies, the euro proceeds unchanged at $ 1.3608 while the dollar lost ground against the yen at 101.32 share.

(from Sole24Ore)
13/07/2014-INC News

Important agreement between Russia and Argentina

Il presidente russo Vladimir Putin e il presidente dell'Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner ha avuto colloqui a Buenos Aires e hanno firmato una serie di importanti documenti sulla cooperazione tra i due paesi - tra cui una cooperazione nell'uso pacifico dell'atomo.

Президент России Владимир Путин и президент Аргентины Кристина Фернандес де Киршнер провели переговоры в Буэнос-Айресе и подписали ряд важных документов о сотрудничестве между двумя государствами - в том числе, о сотрудничестве в использовании мирного атома.

Rotterdam, 13/07/2014-INC News

World Cup 2018 in Russia

Vladimir Putim, president od Russia Federation said that before and during the performances of World Cup 2018, the entry visa will be not necessary. During the last competition in Brazil, Putin will be prsent to discuss with local Commitee the organization considering that in 2018 in Yekaterinburg, Petersburg, Moscow and other 9 other cities will be involved into the Football Games.
Moscow 2018
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