Tuesday, January 28, 2014

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It was asked a French former ambassador to Ukraine (2005-2008), Jean-Paul V├ęziant, for comment.
Diplomacy trumps

Atyrau, 28/01/2014-INC News via Euronews

Breaking news!

Good news from Kiev. The Prime Minister resigned.
Breaking News

Atyrau, 28/01/2014-INC News

Good news from Kiev

Finally, we have a good news from Ukraine. If really the offer has been accepted, probably we will be on the way to resolve a very big crisis status of a Country where the possibility of civilian internal war were real.

Atyrau, 28/01/2014-INC News

UK and National Health

We believed that in the UK the National Health System were the top, vice versa, it seems now a horror element of a film. How possible, we are asking in ourself, to inject "per error" glue in the brain??
Glue in the brain

Atyrau, 28/01/2014-INC News

France and job crisis

It is not Italy only, or Germany only where the crisis of industries is at the collapse, France as well now is in the top list where who is without a job is not anymore casual person...Have a look here and make conclusion: are we satisfied of each single government, about working possibility?
Job crisis in France

Atyrau, 28/01/2014 - INC News