Friday, February 28, 2014

'GCHQ in your sheets': UK spies collect Yahoo web chat images

"Американцы с треском проиграли войну в Афганистане"

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The Bull and its Bulfighter

This photo deserves to go around the planet, for its clear expression of humanity: the impossible dialogue between a bull and the bullfighter who must kill. In reality it was a bullfighter who is slumped in a moment of depression in not understand why he had to kill the bull. At the same time, however, the picture shows the bull that seems to speak to the bullfighter, as if to rebuke him. I wish that this did indeed reflect on whether or not to have still fights in the world.

Atyrau, 28/02/2014 - INC News

Eni-Saipem, le accuse a Paolo Scaroni per le tangenti algerine - Il Fatto Quotidiano

Eni-Saipem, le accuse a Paolo Scaroni per le tangenti algerine - Il Fatto Quotidiano much poor was this man...

The citizen Ukraine had to pay and will continue to pay for the mistakes of others, but if opening the house of Yanukovych they have found this car museum, I wonder how they could permit him to become so rich!!

Atyrau, 28/02/2014 - INC News

Ola Paco! page in the history of music of the 80s is gone, bringing with it the great guitarist Paco de Lucia, which with Eric Clapton, marked a turning point in modern music and the use of the guitar itself. With the disappearance of Andres Segovia years ago and now Paco, guitar music has only Eric Clapton as exceptional representative of the music. We hope you live many more years, Eric, for giving us the wonderful music that only you, as well Paco, has given to us.
Atyrau, 28/02/2014 - INC News

Now yes...the problem is just a little more complicated...

If you thought it was safe to have sex via webcam, this news will shock you. It is not something new that Yahoo is at the center of interest "special", if you consider that the number of users of their website is to aim high for sexual purpose, but by saying this to discover that leaves of our friend have not seen only by us but for sure by many others, leaves a little dismayed. I believe that we should give a very strong signal to the Lords of Big Brother, all on strike for web usage of any kind, going back to using the old methods used twenty years ago. Alright national security, counterterrorism is fine, but now they overdo it. After a while we will have next to bed the guard, who will tell us what we should do to go to sleep. To me it all seems too exaggerated and I am not surprised if a flop of the web arrives in the medium range of time.

Se pensavate di essere al sicuro nel fare sesso tramite la webcam, questa notizia vi farà venire un certo sussulto. Non è cosa nuova che Yahoo sia al centro di interessi "particolari", se si considera che il numero degli utenti del loro web è elevatissimo per scopo sessuale, ma dal dire questo allo scoprire che lascia della nostra amica non l'abbiamo vista solo noi ma chissà quanti altri,  lascia un poco sgomenti. Io credo che si dovrebbe dare un segnale molto forte ai Signori del Grande Fratello, scioperando tutti nell'utilizzo del web di qualsiasi specie, tornando ad utilizzare i vecchi metodi utilizzati una ventina di anni fa. Va bene la sicurezza nazionale, va bene l'antiterrorismo, ma ora si esagera. Tra un pò avremo accanto al letto la guardia che ci dirà cosa dovremo fare pure per andare a dormire. A me sembra tutto troppo esagerato e non mi meraviglierebbe un flop del web a medio raggio nel tempo.

Atyrau, 28/02/2014 - INC News