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Программа ВРЕМЯ в 21.00 (12.07.2016) 12 июля 2016 «1 канал»

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TG Italiano - La7 - Edizione delle ore 20.00 del 12/07/2016

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TG Italiano La7 - Puntata 12/07/2016 - Speciale

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Tesla's Response To Fatal Autopilot Crash Investigated By SEC

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So You Caught A Cold: Why Staying Warm Is Still Your Best Defense

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China Loses Landmark UN Case Over South China Sea

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9 Ducklings Rescued From Highway Drain In California

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Amazon Prime Day Is Here, And We Have All The Details

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Het belangrijkste nieuws van 12 juli in één minuut

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Global equities rally as yields bottom | Market Minute

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The Most Extreme Planes in The World

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UNAC 22TRR Road-Rail Excavator

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Медсестру, которая сделала смертельный укол, на время отстранили от работы

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Наперегонки с кишечной палочкой: санэпидемиологи в ужасе от алматинских ...

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Алматинский застройщик и сам бы рад заселиться в «кривой» дом

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Obama to Texas: Suffering Produces Perseverance

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Dallas Police Chief Receives Standing Ovation

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Les budgets espagnol et portugais à la loupe

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La crise vénézuélienne se ressent à Cuba

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Etats-Unis : fusillade meurtrière dans un tribunal du Michigan

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Le tueur de Dallas avait été "très déçu" par son expérience dans l'armée

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L'amalgame réfugiés-terroristes prégnant en Europe selon un sondage

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Merkel et Hollande tournés vers l'Europe post Brexit

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Les tortures infligées aux 43 étudiants disparus au Mexique

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Le Venezuela s'empare de l'usine Kimberly-Clark

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Chelsea Manning a tenté de se suicider en prison

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En Italie, une collision mortelle entre deux trains fait plusieurs morts...

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Theresa May dure comme fer

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Pokémon Go : le pari gagnant de Nintendo - economy

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Disastro ferroviario in Italia, 20 morti in scontro frontale in Puglia

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Il soldato Manning, "padre" di Wikileaks, ha tentato il suicidio in carcere

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Messico, nuovo rapporto: gli studenti torturati prima di essere uccisi

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Il russo Konyukhov tenta il giro del mondo in mongolfiera

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USA: uomo uccide due agenti in tribunale. Di nuovo violenza contro polizia

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Massacro a Dallas: la personalità del killer,

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Regno Unito: Theresa May prossimo premier, "Brexit sarà un successo"

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Venezuela, mortalità infantile balza al 2 per cento, ospedali senza farmaci

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Euro 2016: oltre 600 milioni di ricadute economiche per il Portogallo

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Eurogruppo, si discute delle sanzioni contro Spagna e Portogallo

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DISCOVERY CHANNEL X YOU - 5 Bizarre Shark Hunting Techniques

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'Treinramp Italië menselijke fout'

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Heavy rain triggers flash flooding in parts of Saskatchewan

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Man in wheelchair left waiting for bus in scorching heat for nearly 2 hours

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Гузяль Байдалинова на свободе

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Настоящее Время - Азия. 12 июля

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Dallas Shooting - Video of Gunman Firing at Police

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Build It Forward: West Virginia Flood Victims

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GB - UK faces climate change wars, deadly heatwaves… and a boost in tourism, govt advisors say

Britain is not prepared for the flooding, water and food shortages, deadly heat waves, and coastal erosion that could be induced by climate change in the next 50 years, government advisors have warned.
The Climate Change Committee (CCC) has released a 2,000 word report on the impact rising temperatures could have on the UK based on pledges to cut emissions made at last year’s Paris climate conference. The committee says in the most extreme scenario summer temperatures in London could hit 48 degrees Celsius (118 degrees Fahrenheit) if emissions increase, and the deadly heat wave of 2003, which peaked at 38.5 degrees Celsius, could be the new normal for summers by the 2040s.
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ASIA - 'Megathrust': Giant Bangladesh earthquake could put 140mn lives at risk, study says

Up to 140 million lives could be at risk from a potentially massive earthquake in Bangladesh, according to a new study. The research found that pressure is building along a fault line situated underneath the most densely-populated nation on Earth.
The research, published in the journal Nature Geoscience on Monday, found that a juncture between major tectonic plates in the region is locked and mounting with stress.
Citing data collected using GPS devices since 2003, the paper states that measurements found convergence of tectonic plates at a rate of 13-17mm “on an active, shallowly dipping and locked megathrust fault.”  One plate is moving under the other deep beneath the surface, and two plates are stuck together at the upper layers of the fault. The plates are covered in layers of sediment more than 20 meters thick.
The situation could result in a magnitude 8.2 to 9.0 earthquake in Bangladesh.
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A matter of letter "h " - Porn star Teresa May insists she’s not new British PM

One is the next prime minister of the United Kingdom, the other is a salacious glamour model and adult film star – yet hundreds of Brits appear to be mixing them up on Twitter.
Teresa May is not the incoming PM and former Home Secretary, but her name is trending on Twitter nonetheless.
The model and actress has gained 1,000 followers in the just the past 24 hours alone – no doubt a sign of Britain’s latent political awakening after Brexit.
After the announcement that Theresa May will become Britain’s next PM on Wednesday, Twitter users sent tongue-in-cheek messages of congratulations to the other Teresa May.
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TECHNOLOGY - Warning: Pokemon Go game could leave youngsters vulnerable to pedophiles & crime

A globally popular new Pokemon game soon to be released in Britain may leave young people open to being attacked, robbed, hospitalized or lured by pedophiles, according to warnings by advocates.
Pokemon Go, an augmented reality smartphone game, uses location technology that allows players to explore real sites through their cameras in order to catch virtual monsters and then train them to fight each other.
The game has been released in the US, Australia, and New Zealand, and is about to be released in the UK, but its debut has been“paused” because a surge in demand caused its server to crash.
In countries where the game has already been released, it has been linked to serious injuries and dangerous driving among people hunting for Pokémon. As Pokemon can run away from their would-be captors, users may be required to chase the creatures through public spaces or onto other people’s properties.
There have also been reports of distracted players wandering across roads and staring at their phone screens in search of Pokemon, while oblivious of oncoming traffic.

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American Airlines flight from London to New York declares emergency, turns back

American Airline #AA105 declared an emergency while still flying over England, and diverted its course to head back to London’s Heathrow Airport. The reason for emergency is unknown at this time.

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Court rejects China's South China Sea claim

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New Google Maps feature lets you add pit stops

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CBN NewsWatch: July 12, 2016

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Father charged with murder after house fire in B.C.

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US homeowners turn lawns into organic gardens

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ITALY - 1 dead, dozens injured as trains collide head-on near Bari

At least 11 people have been killed and dozens injured in a head-on collision between two trains in the south of Italy, a spokesman for the fire brigade has announced. Emergency services are already at the scene trying to treat the injured.
There are many dead,” said the head of the Andria police department Riccardo Zingaro. “There was a head-on collision on a single-track and some of the carriages are completely crumpled. The rescuers are pulling people from the wreckage,” he added, as cited by La Repubblica.
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ITALIA - In Puglia scontro frontale tra due treni, molti i morti e i feriti

Drammatico incidente ferroviario in Puglia: 11 morti in uno scontro frontale fra due treni di linea della Bari Nord, sul tratto ferroviario a binario unico tra Ruvo e Corato. Il bilancio potrebbe aggravarsi: ci sono numerose persone ancora incastrate tra le lamiere. Sono al momento 18 i feriti, ricoverati negli ospedali di Andria e di Barletta. Dieci versano in gravi condizioni.
Uno dei due convogli era partito da Corato ed era diretto ad Andria e l'altro, viceversa, proveniva da Andria e andava in direzione Corato.
"La situazione è drammatica" e sul numero dei morti "siamo in grosso difetto", dice all'ANSA il vicepresidente della Regione Puglia con delega alla Protezione civile, Antonio Nunziante. Cominciano ad arrivare numerosi familiari dei passeggeri, trattenuti dai soccorritori e aiutati da personale medico. 
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Flight UA929 London-Chicago declares emergency, turns back over Scotland

A United Airlines plane bound for Chicago is being forced to make an emergency landing in Edinburgh shortly after taking off from London Heathrow airport.

INC News, 12/07/2016 - source: ©RTNews