Thursday, May 21, 2015

В Алматинской области полицейские отлавливают незаконных мигрантов

В Астане начали рушиться затопленные коттеджи

Родители 2-летней девочки уверяют, что их дочь развращали в детском саду

Древняя Пальмира в руках боевиков "Исламского государства"

Германия: машинисты прекратили забастовку

Разлив нефти в Санта-Барбаре: объявлено чрезвычайное положение

Британская полиция обнаружила среди знаменитостей сотни педофилов

Калифорния: в засухе виновата Nestle?

Shells fall near Russian embassy in Damascus, at least 1 killed

AMERICA - Police use Taser on man at Los Angeles airport

L'orangotango Sandra a processo in Argentina

Pedofilia e Vip, shock nel Regno Unito: 260 indagati tra politica, tv e ...

Germania, sospeso sciopero macchinisti: GDL e Deutsche Bahn scelgono la ...

Airbus: migliaia di posti di lavoro in pericolo in caso di "Brexit" - ec...

Ocse: il divario di reddito tra ricchi e poveri è a livelli record - eco...

WizzAir, 11° compleanno tra successi e turbolenze in Ucraina - economy

Georgia, patria del piú antico vino del mondo - science

Argentine court to rule on 'depressed ' orangutan

That's one way to get around on flooded roads...a jet ski!

German rail strike ends as GDL and Deutsche Bahn agree to begin arbitration

Cameron announces "radical" new anti-immigration measures for Britain

Malaysia launches search and rescue missions amid migrant crisis

Thousands of Ramadi residents flee towards Baghdad, after ISIL takeover

More People Feared Dead in Colombia Landslide

Bionic Eyes Give Second Sight to the Blind

Raw: Southern Arizona Brushfire Not Contained

Raw: Flooding Forces Thousands From Homes in China

McDonald's workers demand minimum wage increase

Tunis gunman's family speak

Weakened ISIL narrative shattered by advances

Al Qaeda Job Application One Of Many Bin Laden Documents Released

State of Emergency Declared in California Oil Spill


Clashes, tires on fire outside Ukrainian parliament in Kiev 

Clashes are reported in central Kiev where crowds of protesters are rallying against the economic crisis and the soaring cost of private loans. Local media say several people have tried to break into the Ukrainian parliament.
The protesters have clashed with police and blocked the entrances to the parliament building.
The so-called "Financial Maidan" crowd is demanding that the parliament approves the law on restructuring private loans in foreign currency, which would convert people's debts into national currency at pre-crisis levels.

Cleaning operation underway after oil spill blakens 9-mile stretch of Ca...

'Artifacts became extra source of funding for IS militants'

Oil Spill Sparks State of Emergency along California's Central Coast

Amazing rescuce: Dog saved from raging river, Columbia

US releases list of documents seized in Bin Laden raid

Greek health workers go on strike as anger boils over 'under-funding'

ISIL militants reportedly seize Syrian city of Palmyra

Migrant held in Libya 'beaten' and 'insulted'

Five global banks to pay €5 billion for rate rigging

UK: 1,400 people named as suspects in child sex abuse inquiry

Kosovo: familiari delle vittime di Kumanovo chiedono indietro i corpi de...

"La biblioteca di Bin Laden". Cia pubblica documenti trovati a Abbottabad

Siria: i jihadisti dello Stato Islamico prendono Palmira. A rischio zona...

Grecia: protesta di 24 ore di medici e infermieri

Perù: evaquato sito archeologico dell'epoca pre-Inca

Police evict squatters from 2,000 year-old archaeological site

Nine high school students, two adults dead in Mexico truck accident

Quake Drills: EMERCOM launches disaster readiness operations outside Moscow

Russia's Emergency Ministry staged a massive demonstration of how they deal with an earthquake measuring nine-points on the Richter scale. The scenario that was gamed-out for the drill included fallen buildings, chemical spills, a derailed train and even a downed passenger plane. To deal with such a catastrophe over 1,200 rescuers were deployed, some arrived on quads or parachuted from the sky while others arrived on horseback. 

Parlamento europeo inteso a garantire la tracciabilità di metalli e mate...

Siria: Turchia campione di accoglienza, euronews racconta la nuova vita ...

Iran: guida suprema Ali Khamenei nega qualsiasi ispezione ai siti nucleari

Scandalo cambi manipolati, multate per 5 mld di euro le grandi banche - ...

Turkey world's top host for refugees; many want to stay

Soldier killed by police fire in Burundi, say witnesses

Oil spills along Santa Barbara coastline


Ruptured California pipeline leaked up to 105,000 gallons of oil 

Tuesday's oil spill off the California coast may have leaked up to 105,000 gallons of oil out from the ruptured pipeline, the Associated Press reported, citing the pipeline's operator.
Originally, US Coast Guard officials estimated that the approximately 21,000 gallons of oil had spilled out of a pipeline operated by Plains All American Pipeline. The type of oil was later identified as crude, and officials said the spill had stretched out to approximately nine miles across Santa Barbara County's Refugio Beach.
The company stated to AP that the 105,000 gallon estimate was a "worst-case scenario" and that it does not know exactly how much oil actually seeped into the ocean. The pipeline itself is onshore, but oil traveled down a storm drain before hitting the Pacific Ocean.

Raw: Police Clash With Squatters in Peru

Peek Inside New WTC Observatory

Raw: Soldiers Fight Militants in Benghazi