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Body Found Near Home of Missing Arizona Girl


Missionary infected with Ebola while working in Liberia to get treatment at Nebraska hospital. (via Associated Press)

Sky News ha postato un clip sulle nuove sanzioni per Mosca

domani il Financial Times pubblichera' cosi'...

Rotterdam, 04/09/2014-INC News

Russian Lawmaker Says Google Is Anti-Russian, Possibly Spying for Ukraine

Google and Russia
A Russian federal lawmaker says Google is anti-Russian and possibly spying for Ukraine, and he wants local authorities to investigate, Izvestia reported Thursday.
Yevgeny Fyodorov of the ruling United Russia party, who previously accused the CIA of writing freedom-loving songs for a Russian rock star, said Google is "within the jurisdiction of the United States, and the official U.S. position is to weaken Russia and destabilize the situation," the report said. "Therefore, this [position] is a direct instruction for those organizations that are under their control," Fyodorov told the newspaper. Fyodorov claims that Google signed a deal with the Ukrainian Security Service and could supply that government with information about Russian Internet users, Izvestia reported.
One piece of evidence that Fyodorov cited to demonstrate Google's supposedly malicious intent was the use of its services by Ukrainian protesters during their uprising against the country's previous, Moscow-backed administration.
Rotterdam, 04/09/2014-INC News

New EU Sanctions to Inflict Long-Term Pain

EU sanctions
The Russian business world is braced for the European Union's unfurling of a fresh round of economic sanctions on Friday, with analysts predicting that Russia's $2 trillion economy will be squeezed even tighter while its companies face isolation from international markets. The Russian business world is braced for a fresh round of economic sanctions due to be announced by the European Union on Friday that analysts and economists said would further squeeze Russia's $2 trillion economy and isolate Russian companies from international markets. A peace plan sketched out by President Vladimir Putin appears not to have deterred EU leaders from their intention to act against what they allege has been a full-scale Russian military incursion into eastern Ukraine in support of separatists fighters battling Kiev.
Ambassadors from the EU's 28 member states discussed new proposals against Moscow on Wednesday ahead of a Friday deadline for agreeing new sanctions. While the European Commission has said merely that measures will touch on "access to capital markets, defense, dual-use goods and sensitive technologies," leaked reports have given a much clearer picture of what will be targeted. Dramatic consequences from Friday's likely announcement are unlikely, but the sanctions will have serious consequences over the medium and long term, experts said.
Rotterdam, 04/09/2014-INC News

Ministers back Food Crime Unit recommendation
Britain is to get a Food Crime Unit to fight the trade in fraudulent foods.
The special force is a response to last year's horsemeat scandal, which saw contaminated beef products reaching supermarket shelves across Europe.
The FCU is the major recommendation in a report commissioned from food security expert Chris Elliott.
The Queen's University Belfast professor has made a number of suggestions to ensure consumers have absolute confidence when buying food.
These include:
  • better intelligence gathering and sharing of information to make it difficult for criminals to operate;
  • new, unannounced audit checks by the food industry to protect businesses and their customers;
  • the development of a whistleblowing system that would better facilitate the reporting of food crime;
  • improved laboratory testing capacity, with a standardised approach for the testing of a food's authenticity; and
  • the encouragement of a culture within the food industry that questions the source of its supply chain.

Rotterdam, 04/09/2014-INC News

Ebola death toll passes 1,900, says WHO

More than 1,900 people have now died in West Africa's Ebola outbreak, the World Health Organization (WHO) says. There have been 3,500 confirmed or probable cases in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia."The outbreaks are racing ahead of the control efforts in these countries," WHO chief Margaret Chan said. The WHO is meeting on Thursday to examine the most promising treatments and to discuss how to fast-track testing and production. Disease control experts, medical researchers, officials from affected countries, and specialists in medical ethics will all be represented at the meeting in Geneva. At least $600m (£360m) is needed to fight the virus, and more than 20,000 people could be infected before the outbreak is brought under control, the WHO has warned. Ms Chan described the outbreak as "the largest and most severe and most complex we have ever seen".
Rotterdam, 04/09/2014-INC News

Nato summit: Alliance 'stands with Ukraine'

The Nato military alliance, at its summit in Wales, has said it "stands with Ukraine" in the face of Russia's "destabilising" influence. Nato also called on Russia "to pull back its troops" from Ukraine and end the "illegal" annexation of Crimea. UK government officials say fresh EU and US sanctions will be announced against Russia on Friday. Separately, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and rebel leaders said a ceasefire could be agreed on Friday.  Some 2,600 people have died in fighting between Ukrainian troops and rebels. Ukraine's military says 837 its soldiers have died since the conflict erupted in April.
Rotterdam, 04/09/2014-INC News

Comedian Joan Rivers Dies In New York Aged 81

Joan Rivers
Comedian Joan Rivers has died in New York at the age of 81, her daughter has confirmed.

Rotterdam, 04/09/2014-INC News

Body Found In Field Had Multiple Stab Wounds

Body of woman found
A woman whose body was found in a Hampshire field was stabbed multiple times, police have revealed. Penelope Anne Davis, 47, from Blackfield, was discovered at 4.42pm on Tuesday by her husband. She was tending to her two horses in a field off Hatchet Lane, near Beaulieu, when she was killed.Mrs Davis, known as Pennie, had five children and worked in a local supermarket. Detective Superintendent Paul Barton said: "We carried out an autopsy yesterday at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital. I can reveal that the cause of death was multiple stab wounds.
Rotterdam, 04/09/2014-INC News

Woman Found Beheaded In Back Garden Named

Woman beheaded in UK
A 25-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder after an 82-year-old woman was beheaded in broad daylight in a suburban back garden.
Palmira Silva, who is of Italian descent, was found at an address in Edmonton, north London just after 1pm after police received reports of a man with a knife in Nightingale Road.
Other potential victims escaped in what appears to be a random attack, Sky sources say.
Rotterdam, 04/09/2014-INC News

Emirates recycles billboard posters into shopping bags

Emirates and the recycling

What happens to advertising banners once they're removed from the billboards? In the case of the airline Emirates, they're turned into shopping bags, in one of the latest innovative recycling projects by a carrier. The company recently took one of its 208 square meter PVC posters from a billboard at Zurich Airport and transformed it into over 300 reusable totes.
The image, a giant photo of an Emirates Cabin Crew member, was repurposed into a limited edition line of "upcycled" bags by 10 workers at Feinschliff, a Swiss company that supports long-term unemployed people returning to the labor market. Each bag took 27 minutes to fabricate, with a process involving cutting and washing the poster and stitching on the 13 straps.
Rotterdam, 04/09/2014-INC News

Member states choose nine female EU Commissioners

EU and women
Last to pick, but not least. Belgium has put forward centre-right MEP Marianne Thyssen as its choice for European Commissioner in the new group that will be led by president-elect Jean Claude Juncker. Nine female MEPs have been chosen by their respective countries. It is the same number of female Commissioners that served under Herman van Rompuy. “I’m very pleased that thanks to the close work between Jean-Claude Juncker and the European Parliament, more women are being sent to the European Commission than the Member States had originally planned,” German Greens MEP Rebecca Harms told euronews. Italy’s Federica Mogherini, who will be High Rep for Foreign Affairs, is the only Commissioner with a confirmed portfolio. Other countries with female Commissioners include Bulgaria, Denmark, Poland and Romania.
Rotterdam, 04/09/2014-INC News

Russia and Ukraine at forefront of NATO minds at summit in Wales

The NATO summit taking place in Newport, Wales, has been billed as the most significant such meeting since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Sixty world leaders have gathered, from the 28-member alliance and associated participants — with thousands of delegates.
Most urgent on the programme is the tension between Russia and Ukraine, with agreement between Presidents Putin and Poroshenko proving elusive. The alliance intends to adapt its operations to the new security environment surrounding the Ukraine crisis, including equipment and supplies. An enhanced NATO Response Force in Eastern Europe will be up for discussion – in case of potential Russian aggression – entailing the possible deployment of 4,000 NATO troops within 48 hours. Other serious threats to NATO countries’ national security include piracy, terrorism and cyber attacks. This is the first NATO summit in the United Kingdom since Margaret Thatcher welcomed leaders to London in 1990.
Rotterdam, 04/09/2014-INC News

ECB makes surprise eurozone interest rate cut

Eurozone in crisis

The unexpected rate cut underlined ECB President Mario Draghi’s determination to try to lift inflation from rock-bottom levels and support the stagnating eurozone economy. It came even though Draghi had said after the ECB’s last rate cut in June that “for all the practical purposes, we have reached the lower bound”.
Shortly after the move was announced, Draghi told a news conference: “The loss in economic momentum may dampen private investment, and heightened geopolitical risks could have a further negative impact on business and consumer confidence.”
Rotterdam, 04/09/2014-INC News 

Turchia: abusi su minori, 650 al mese

Turchia e la violenza sui minori

In Turchia si registrano ogni mese circa 650 casi di abusi su minori, riferisce la stampa di Ankara citando dati resi pubblici dal ministero della Giustizia in risposta ad una interpellanza dell'opposizione. Secondo uno studio dei centri di protezione dell'infanzia in 13 delle 59 province turche l'anno scorso sono stati registrati 2.792 casi di abusi sessuali su minori e 263 matrimoni di ragazze o bambine. L'opposizione accusa il governo di non fare abbastanza per debellare il fenomeno.

Rotterdam, 04/09/2014-INC News (via ANSA AP)

FRANCOFORTE : DRAGHI TASSI INTERESSE A 0 05 PER CENTO 04-09-14 e l'Euro a 1.30 su dollaro

Draghi, deciso comprare Abs, prestiti famiglie e impreseLa Bce ha deciso di comprare gli Abs, titoli che impacchettano prestiti a famiglie e imprese. Lo ha detto il presidente della Bce, Mario Draghi.
La Bce lancerà da ottobre gli acquisti di Abs, da cui prevede un "impatto decisivo" sul suo bilancio e cioè sulla posizione complessiva della politica monetaria. Ha spiegato Draghi.
La Banca centrale europea ha deciso le misure di oggi per fermare il processo di "indebolimento" della crescita dell'Eurozona e per sostenere le aspettative d'inflazione.

Rotterdam, 04/09/2014-INC News (via ANSA AP)

Vertice Nato

Vertice NATO

"La Russia non è più un partner della Nato" e l'obiettivo del vertice che comincia domani è decidere la "strategia di lungo termine per rendere sicura l'Europa con questa Russia".
Lo dicono alti funzionari dell'Alleanza Atlantica alla vigilia del summit. "Guardando indietro nel tempo, ci rendiamo conto che sembra che Putin abbia preparato questa situazione negli anni". E' la valutazione espressa alla vigilia del vertice. "Mosca considera la Nato un avversario", aggiungono le fonti, sottolineando che la situazione attuale in Ucraina "è il frutto di un lungo sviluppo" che include l'invasione della Georgia.

Rotterdam, 04/09/2014-INC News (via ANSA AP)

Maltempo sul Gargano: strade invase dal fango


Un violento nubifragio ha investito per tutta la notte il comune di San Marco in Lamis, nel Foggiano, dove circa 150 persone stanno lasciando, per precauzione, le proprie case  trovando riparo in strutture della Protezione civile. La pioggia continua a cadere anche stamattina, rendendo difficoltosi i soccorsi, e molte strade sono state invase da fango e detriti. In particolare, le strade SS 272 e SP 28 sono chiuse al traffico e anche la strada a scorrimento veloce 693, nel tratto tra Carpino e Cagnano Varano è attualmente chiusa al traffico a causa di uno smottamento. Sul posto i vigili del fuoco da ore stanno prestando soccorso alla popolazione.

Rotterdam, 04/09/2014-INC News (via ANSA AP)

Famiglia Sotloff a Isis, "avete violato l'islam"

Islam violato
La famiglia di Steven Sotloff, a 24 ore dalla decapitazione del reporter americano per mano dei jihadisti, manda un messaggio al loro leader. "Ho un messaggio per Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi", ha detto, in arabo, il portavoce della famiglia, Barak Barfi. "Il mese di ramadan è il mese della misericordia. Dov'è la sua?". E ancora: "Sono qui a discutere con gentilezza. Non ho una spada in mano e sono pronto per la sua risposta".

Rotterdam, 04/09/2014-INC News (via ANSA AP)

Al Qaeda Launches New Militant Branch In Asia

Al Qaeda
India has ordered several states to be on increased alert after al Qaeda chief Ayman al Zawahiri launched a new branch of the militant Islamist group in Asia. A video posted on jihadist forums features the 63-year-old saying the new force would "crush the artificial borders" dividing Muslim populations in the Indian subcontinent.
Al Qaeda is active in Afghanistan and Pakistan, where its surviving leadership is thought to be hiding, but Qedat al Jihad would operate in India, Bangladesh and Burma - also known as Myanmar. Zawahiri said: "This entity was not established today, but is the fruit of a blessed effort of more than two years to gather the mujahedeen in the Indian subcontinent into a single entity." He called on Muslims "to wage jihad against its enemies, to liberate its land, to restore its sovereignty and to revive its caliphate".
Rotterdam, 04/09/2014-INC News

Police Asking Victims To 'Investigate Own Crimes'

Police investigation
Hard-pressed police forces are "encouraging" victims of high-volume crimes to carry out their own investigations, a policing watchdog has warned. Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) said the "emerging trend" was identified in an investigation into 43 forces in England and Wales. In a report summarising its findings, HMIC said its inspectors had witnessed call-handlers asking victims of offences like vehicle crime and "burglaries of properties other than dwellings" to assess the likelihood of the crime being solved. It said some forces asked victims whether there was any CCTV footage of the area, any potential fingerprint evidence and whether the victim knew if there were any witnesses to the crime. 
Rotterdam, 04/09/2014-INC News

Calais Migrants Caught On Video Rushing Ferry

Calais Ferry
The mayor of Calais has threatened to shut the port after 100 migrants tried to storm their way onto a ferry to Britain. Police and port security were overwhelmed as the group forced open a gate and climbed over security fences before running towards the docks. Ramps to the ferries had to be raised to prevent the men boarding the ships as a larger group of 150 migrants gathered outside the dock entrance.
Rotterdam, 04/09/2014-INC News

UK Will Not Pay For British IS Hostage

UK Hostages
David Cameron has said Britain will not pay a ransom for a UK hostage who Islamic State extremists are threatening to kill.
The Prime Minister told Sky News it was a "desperately difficult situation", but insisted it was the right policy as the money would be used to fuel terrorism. He was critical of other Western countries which paid ransoms, describing it as "deeply regrettable". Mr Cameron also repeated his warning the terror group posed a direct threat to the UK, and stressed the need to "squeeze it out of existence".
Rotterdam, 04/09/2014-INC News

e' virale...troppo incredibile che sia vero!

Volo Londra-Napoli: pauroso vuoto d'aria, atterraggio deviato per Easyjet

Volo Londra Napoli
Il vuoto d'aria è stato talmente potente da «schiacciare» violentemente verso il basso l'aereo della Easyjet in volo da Londra a Napoli. E' il racconto del terrore quello di alcuni dei 154 passeggeri a bordo dell'Airbus A319 partito dall'areoporto di London Gatwick il 1 settembre e diretto verso il capoluogo campano. Uno strappo improvviso, una turbolenza «forte»che ha colto molti senza le cinture allacciate mentre il comandante aveva appena annunciato l'inizio della fase di discesa.

Rotterdam, 04/09/2017-INC News