Monday, February 3, 2014

Когда наступит весна в Казахстане? Прогноз от сурка

Чили: пума забралась в квартиру/ Chili: Puma got into apartment

Femen activists attacked Spanish cardinal

Crazy jump from stratosphere!

The company GoPro posted video on YouTube Felix Baumgartner’s jump from stratosphere. Now people can watch a whole fall from the new view. The video is really breathtaking, especially the moment when Baumgartner fall into uncontrollable spin. The highest speed of freefall was 1342,8 km per hour which exceeded the speed of sound.

Almaty,INCnews - 03/02/14

France: thousands of people are protesting in the streets against the Same-sex marriage

Even more by unconfirmed information there are nearly a million protesters in the streets. Basically it has begun as a peaceful manifestation which was turned to the violent clashes. More than 300 arrested people are reported.
People with the slogan “Children need Mom and Dad” express their disagreement against the legalization of gay marriages and the right which give them to adopt children. They throw stones and incendiary bottles to police and shout calling Francois Hollande is a fascist. According to the words of protesters, the legalization destroy traditional family values, threatens children and nation.
Hollande considers that the Legislation of a same-sex marriage is one of the most important points in his social reforms program. A same-sex marriage has been legal in France since 18 May 2013.
We are used to see the demonstrations and actions which support gays and rights of other minorities in France.  So what is happened now to that tolerant France?

Almaty, INCnews, 03/02/14