Tuesday, April 14, 2015

‘ISSpresso’: SpaceX ship headed for ISS with supplies, coffee machine

A SpaceX ship launched from Cape Canaveral with supplies for the International Space Station, including a zero-gravity coffeemaker. Yesterday’s launch had to be rescheduled due to storm cloud activity.
The unmanned Dragon ship is loaded with 4,300 pounds of supplies and scientific materials for the crew of six at the orbital facility. Among them is the ‘ISSpresso’ coffee machine, developed by Italian engineers for ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti. The ship is scheduled to return in five weeks, with about 3,000 pounds of cargo including science experiments, hardware, and crew supplies.
INC News, 14/04/2015 - via Russia Time


Obama officially asks Congress to remove Cuba off terror list

Obama submitted the legally required report and certification documents required to officially remove Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism, the White House National Security Council tweeted Tuesday.

ITALIA - Immigrazione, 400 morti in naufragio

Ci sarebbero circa 400 vittime di un naufragio avvenuto a 24 ore dalla partenza dalla Libia, e tra queste molti giovani, probabilmente minori. E' quanto emerge dalle testimonianze raccolte da Save the Children tra i 150 superstiti, sbarcati oggi a Reggio Calabria dalla nave Orione insieme ad altre centinaia di migranti recuperati da altre imbarcazioni.
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INC News, 14/04/2015 - via ANSA

RUSSIA - Russian birthday ends in tragedy as man shoots up neighborhood

A man in the Moscow region who was drunkenly celebrating his birthday shot a neighbor with a hunting gun then barricaded himself inside his house and opened fire on police who arrived at the scene, state news agency TASS reported Tuesday. When special forces officers attempted to raid the home in the rural settlement of Malakhovka, the man set off a series of explosions causing a fire that burned down his house and killed him, the regional Investigative Committee said in a statement. The man's remains were found after firefighters managed to extinguish the blaze, the statement said. Investigators have not yet determined what material was used to create the explosions.
The mayhem began Monday when the man "for an unknown reason" shot his neighbor during the party then opened fire on the neighborhood at random from a window of the home, TASS reported. The neighbor was badly wounded and almost died, the NTV television channel reported, citing the neighbor's wife.
When police arrived at the scene, the gunman opened fire on them and an armored vehicle. A police officer was hospitalized after one of his eyes was badly injured by glass that shattered during the shootout, the Investigative Committee said.
INC News, 14/04/2015 - via Moscow Times

RUSSIA - Russian Tycoon Usmanov to Fund Restoration of Rome's Basilica Ulpia

Russian tycoon, Alisher Usmanov, is to finance the restoration of one of ancient Rome's biggest public buildings, topping up the funding that Italy urgently needs to prop up its crumbling monuments after three years of recession.
Usmanov, 61, Russia's third-richest person according to U.S. magazine Forbes, said he had donated 1.5 million euros ($1.6 million) to renovate the nave of the Basilica Ulpia, built almost 2,000 years ago under Emperor Trajan. Bigger than most football pitches at about 60 meters by 180 meters, Usmanov described the basilica as "one of the largest and most important civic buildings in ancient Rome." Last year he gave 500,000 euros to help renovate Rome's Capitoline Museum.
INC News, 14/04/2015 - via Moscow Times

Массовое отравление в Астане

Сразу 27 врачей отравились в буфете местной детской больницы Астаны. Отравление было в буфете при поликлиники. Предварительный диагноз - сальмонеллез. Злаполучной столовой будет предъявлен штраф в размере 600 МРП после завершения экспертизы. Дети также успели отобедать в столовой. В результате 4 летний ребенок оказался на койке инфекционной горбольницы. Степень отравленеия - средняя. 

Источник: КТК 
14/04/2015, Алматы, Мира Картбаева для INCNews.

Robot chef serves up the future of home cooking

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Russia Lifts Iran Missile Ban; Critics Say 'Bad Idea'

AMERICAN TECHNOLOGY - Mortal Kombat X's graphic 'fatalities' may be too violent for some fans

Two warriors face off in a lethal duel. One, a ninja named Scorpion with cloudy grey eyes, uses his magical powers to shoot a fireball through his opponent's chest. It blows straight through the victim, the warrior princess Kitana, leaving a gaping hole in her chest.

Scorpion then takes a sword and slices her face off, which slides off with a sickening gurgling noise. Kitana's maimed body slumps to the ground, as her brain flops out of her bisected skull.This is a scene fromMortal Kombat X, the latest fighting game from NetherRealm Studios, showing off its trademark "Fatalities." It's nothing new for the series, which has been synonymous with over-the-top gore since the 1990s. But several critics and gamers have suggested the crystal-clear fidelity vividness of the Fatalities in the new instalment may be too much for them to stomach.

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Russia Lifts Ban on Missile Sale to Iran

Verdict Coming in Body Stuffed in Suitcase Trial

Crocodile Bites Aussie Golfer Looking for Ball

Refugees call France's Calais sites 'inhumane'

New graduates in China facing poor employment prospects

Alaska Airlines Flight Turns Around With Worker in the Cargo Hold

For First Time Ever, McDonald's Closes a Restaurant in Russia

U.S. fast-food giant McDonald's has permanently closed a restaurant for the first time in its 25-year history in Russia, news agency TASS reported. The restaurant, located in the Belgorod region to the south of Moscow, was closed after McDonald's and the property's owner were unable to agree on rental payments, TASS reported this week. The fast-food giant, whose golden arches have long symbolized the United States abroad, first opened a store in Russia in 1990, at the tail end of the Soviet era.
The success of that branch on Moscow's Pushkin Square, which drew famously long lines of Soviet citizens, was followed by an expansion across Russia. After the closure of the restaurant in the Belgorod region, McDonald's will still have 492 locations around the country, according to the company's website. Last year Russian consumer watchdog Rospotrebnadzor temporarily closed 12 McDonald's branches over alleged health code violations, which many interpreted as retaliation against Western sanctions over Moscow's role in the Ukraine crisis. In November a Belgorod court fined McDonald's 100,000 rubles ($1,925) for alleged health violations.
INC News, 14/04/2015 - via Moscow Times

Iran's Zarif calls for aid, dialogue in Yemen

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Rio de Janeiro: Water quality causes a stink ahead of Olympics

Japan court says 'no' to restarting Takahama nuclear reactors

Periscope and copyright

Gun battle at Somalia ministry: At least 7 people killed - BBC News

Boko Haram: Chibok girls explained in 90 seconds - BBC News

Man Charged With Killing Wife in Donut Shop

News from Kazakhstan in Russian

JAPAN - Robot sent to Fukushima reactor core records fatal radiation levels

Delivering on its promise to release all new Fukushima radiation data, TEPCO has announced that spending an hour in the epicenter will kill you. Robot readings from inside the contaminated area of the No. 1 reactor showed a deadly 9.7 sieverts per hour. The nuclear operator TEPCO released a two and a half minute video of the robotic mission that was sent in on Friday inside the melted reactor to get radiation readings. However, the robot went out of order just three hours into a planned 10-hour walk-through. In that time frame the 60-centimeter long robot managed to collect temperature and radiation readings as well as images from six locations of the first floor below the bottom of the reactor core. The remote-controlled, single use robot revealed 7.0 to 9.7 sieverts per hour readings on site. The temperature level showed cool readings ranging from 17.8 to 20.2 degrees Celsius.
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AMERICA - Too little too late? NSA starting to implement ‘Snowden-proof’ cloud storage

The NSA is implementing a huge migration to custom-designed cloud architecture it says will revolutionize internal security and protect against further leaks by data analysts with unfettered access to classified information.
Put simply, the NSA hopes to keep future Edward Snowdens out by employing a cloud file storage system it built from scratch. A major part of the system is that all the data an analyst will have access to will be tagged with new bits of information, including that relating to who can see it. Data won’t even show up on an analyst’s screen if they aren’t authorized to access it, NSA Chief Information Officer Lonny Anderson told NextGov.
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RUSSIA - Vladimir Putin steals the show in TIME 100 reader’s poll

In a diverse field of competitors made up of pop stars, technology gurus, visionaries and politicians - and at a time when US-Russia relations have hit rock bottom - President Putin has emerged victorious in Time magazine’s 2015 reader poll.
Among the 100 most influential people in the world, as hand selected by the editors of TIME, the Russian leader proved his rock-star credentials by edging out 24-year-old rapper Lee Chae-rin (better known by her stage name, ‘CL’) of the South Korean girl-group 2NE1 to claim the number-one spot with 6.95 percent of the votes in the final tally.
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INC News, 14/04/2015 - via RT

Robot explores damaged nuclear plant reactor in Japan

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