Thursday, October 3, 2013

Enjoy your meal in Atyrau, acceptance or reality? (editorial)

It has recently renewed its local "Rucola", an Italian restaurant managed by Russian-Kazakh. But as Rucola in the last three years have borne many of them, following the false line of Italian cuisine or European in general. I say false line because in reality the defined Italian cuisine differs a little from the original, but this is absolutely tolerable. Perhaps it is less tolerable that the menu contains the description of the dishes with incorrect definitions in written form: just copy what is written in the web to avoid seeing in the "Pasta all'acarbonata", "Fussili wing Bellflower",  “Macaroni Pasta a la matriziana ", and so on. It must be said, however, that in Kazakhstan and in Russia in general, none of expatriates have ever explained to them that Pasta is the generic definition of the food and macaroni is just one of 45 types of pasta, which should be treated in its own right and cooked in a different way.
In three years, I said, were born many restaurants that have attracted my attention to "cook as a hobby”, attraction entirely positive for the desire that you are having in the city' to want to change, want to open new activities, to live better citizen and to follow in their free time, offering diversification in public catering, and many of the new premises are very stylish, comfortable, worthy to be there a few hours in the company of friends or relatives. Some, then, have a kitchen very new and very thorough in the presentation.
After visiting these places often think I can take responsibility 'to give a ranking (mind you, mine and others) of the places where I have eaten lunch or dinner or something over the counter. Here is my review of them, editing everyday the review of a couple of them.

Violet - Local simple, modern furnishings, with no great pretensions, but has different private rooms and banquet, which makes it quite competitive this restaurant, where every evening from 22, there is always music, a bit repetitive in its genre but well played by a band not Kazakh or European. The dishes are standard, along the lines of the traditional European restaurants to international cuisine, very good and well presented soups and very tender and well served meat. If it is not very accurate bar service,  valid instead the dining staff, attentive and friendly. You can enjoy good European or South American wine to a very competitive price. It is a really very good restaurant for business lunch: fast, economical and agreeable. At the side of the restaurant it is located a cafeteria where is possible to eat sandwiches or a piece of cake with tea or coffee, as the break of the day in replacing the classical lunch. It is suggested for everyday life. Rating: + + + +
Sancak - Classic Turkish restaurant, located in a preferential location absolutely, being right in the middle of its street, along with other two locals . Offices and banks have traditionally made use of their nice kitchen of the 'Aegean and its decor is anything but kitsch. There are many places to sit and really very fast girls at the tables, they have to do real marathons during lunch (the restaurant is often the most time and attendance, at noon.) Almost all dishes of Turkish origin or the Aegean, you can afford to grease a pound a delicious oriental dinner, served with taste, then if something goes small disservice by staff, you can turn a blind eye. The flow rates are perhaps excessive, such as quantity, but is part of the tradition, especially in Antalya and Instambul. The bread, then, is renowned throughout the world for its fragrance and flavor freshly cooked. Great coffee (turkish) and nice local managers, customers always around so you do not have unpleasant surprises. Price matching what you order and how to vote: + + + +

Atyrau, 4-10-2013, Mikhail Lermontov (continue)

O Lampedusa O Morte! (bilingual news)

Aprire il giornale e dover leggere che ancora e di più che mai sono morti altri 30 poveri innocenti emigrati nel tentativo di arrivare nella Terra Divina chiamata Italia, fa solo stare male. Senza contare che ne hanno contati altri 300 dispersi in mare. Prima ci si chiedeva come o perchè questi disperati vendessero anche il corpo pur di arrivare a vivere in Italia. Ora ci si chiede se siamo arrivati a permettere di buttare a mare esseri umani inservibili, dopo averli depredati di tutto, compreso la loro dignità umana. Si trovano mille scusanti per rispondere no a questo sterminio silente, che io chiamerei una nuova Shoa. Bisognerebbe permettere loro di poter vivere nella loro terra degnamente, si tratta solo di mandare in quei luoghi del denaro che non si vuole trovare. Ma per andare con le prostitute tutti si trova il denaro, anzi, si fanno pure debiti. Il giro delle squillo nella sola Europa rende alla malavita 132 miliardi di euro l'anno. Ebbene, se questo denaro lo si versasse nelle casse dello Stato e si aiutasse chi ne ha bisogno davvero, l'anno successivo si potrebbe scopare in tutta tranquillità, avendo anche fatto del bene al mondo. Ma questa è un'altra storia, non è vero?.

To Open the newspaper and having to read that again and more than ever died 30 other innocent people emigrated in an attempt to get to the Divine Land called Italy, just makes you feel bad. Not to mention that they have counted another 300 people lost at sea. In the beginning we wondered how or why these desperate people would sell even the body in order to get to live in Italy. Now we wonder if we got to afford to jettison humans useless, after being robbed of everything, including their human dignity. There are a thousand excuses to say  ”no”  to this silent  extermination, which I would call a new Shoah. We should allow them to live with dignity in their own land, it is just to send the money in those places , money that we do not want to find. But to go with prostitutes all the money is easily present, in fact, we do as well debts for this. The market of call-girls in Europe alone makes the underworld 132 billion euro a year. Well, if this money  we put  into the coffers of the state and would help those who need it really, the next year you could fuck in peace, having also done some good in the world. But that's another story, is not it?.

Atyrau, 4 Ottobre 2013, Mikhail Lermontov