Sunday, September 15, 2013

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''Put-put’’ or CHECKMATE by
Vladimir Putin

  Near at hand we were at the risk being enforced into the 3rd World War, God blessed us having the leader like Vladimir Putin.  Millions of us puzzled and hushed to understand why him? And what or who encourages him to become such a pragmatic activist in the conflict between Syria and USA. Recently Mr. Putin has spoken directly to the American people via NY Times, where he convinces Americans that They continue to live in fantasy created by their leaders. He opposes Obama's idealistic theory: «What makes us exceptional – that makes us different», reminding Americans the extract from American Constitution: «God created us equal». Indisputably it was the remarkable observation ever done in the history. By this Putin has opened a jackpot against Obama or traditionally speaking CHECKMATE. Now is difficult to forecast what will be the reaction of American President Mr. Obama to Putin's double-shot, therefore the journalists taking the position of partisans, sitting in the trenches waiting for match-revenge...
But the common question is still around what stimulates and who supports Putin to behave in an incredibly successful manner, giving brilliant ideas of the whole mankind. There are a lot of possible variants of detecting the success of Putin but only one thing remains clear and unchanged – the DIVORCE. Shall we afford ourselves thinking that the recent divorce served him to freedom and realize his strategic ideas which taken himself to Olympus of fame.

Atyrau, 15/09/13 - Mira Kartbayeva

We are in a new era, aren't we?

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