Sunday, January 11, 2015

Almost four million turn out for unity rallies across France

Thousands walk the streets of Lyon in massive show of solidarity

Police Bullet Killed Sydney Siege Victim: Report

An official investigation is said to have found that one of the victims of the Sydney siege died as a result of police gunfire. Australian media reports said Katrina Dawson was hit by a police bullet when officers began a shoot-out with hostage-taker Man Haron Monis. The gunman took 17 people hostage at the Lindt Cafe in the city's business district in December, holding them for 16 hours. The stand-off ended when police burst into the cafe, threw flash grenades and opened fire on Monis. The reports said preliminary investigations had shown Ms Dawson was killed by fragments of a police bullet that ricocheted before hitting her in the heart.
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This is the clip posted by Anonymous in Yuoutube, with war declaration to terrorism

Police: Phone video shows baby playing with real handgun

A couple is under investigation after authorities say they discovered cellphone videos showing their one-year-old daughter toying with a handgun, at one point placing the weapon in her mouth. Police in Indiana found the videos when a 19-year-old male was arrested after attempting to sell a handgun to an undercover police officer, AP reported.  According to police, the man and the girl's 22-year-old mother did not try to stop the toddler as she put the gun, described as a 0.40-caliber handgun, in her mouth. On the video it is even possible to hear the adults encouraging the girl to say “bang” and “pow.”
Police say the mother insisted her daughter was holding a pellet gun; investigators believe it was a real handgun. From the video they say the gun’s magazine appeared to be removed, although there may have been ammunition left in the chamber. The two adults face multiple charges, including child neglect and recklessness with a deadly weapon.


The flight recorder from the crashed AirAsia QZ8501 flight has been discovered in the Java Sea, Indonesian authorities confirmed in a statement.
According to the country’s Directorate General of Marine Transport, the black box will be retrieved from the seabed on Monday.
Earlier on Sunday, strong signals from the recorders were detected not far from where the tail part was found.

Париж: марш против терроризма

La marcha republicana de París acogerá a líderes de 45 países

Mia Bloom: "Utilizar mujeres se ha convertido en algo fundamental para l...

Mobilisation historique à Paris contre le terrorisme

Marche républicaine : sécurité maximum à Paris

Turkish official: Female suspect entered Turkey

Supermarket Hostages Hid In Freezer

The symbol of "Dolce Vita" passed this morning in Rome

Era stata la Musa delle notti romane dell'epoca, amata e desiderata da milioni di uomini ed emulata da milioni di donne. Questa mattina è deceduta in una clinica alle porte di Roma l'attrice Anita Ekberg, il simbolo della Dolce vita e del sesso nuova generazione. Attrice versatile e famosa con Federico Fellini, fu indimenticabile interprete con Marcello Mastroianni del film dal quale si generò un nuovo modo di vivere e pensare.

She was the Musa of era of Roman nights, loved and desired by millions of men and emulated by millions of women. This morning, died in a clinic outside Rome actress Anita Ekberg, the symbol of the Dolce Vita and the new generation of sex. Actress versatile and popular with Federico Fellini, was unforgettable interpreter with Marcello Mastroianni in the film from which it generated a new way of living and thinking.

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Make It Work: Russian startups eye global success with high-tech ideas

Arson at German paper 'Hamburger Morgenpost' that reprinted Charlie Hebd...

'Armed & Dangerous': Charlie Hebdo, kosher store accomplice on the run

RAW: Russian rescuers help recover Air Asia tail

New York est Charlie

Indonesia search teams home in on AirAsia fuselage

Concern over increasing use of women by terrorist and extremist groups

Large rally against racism and xenophobia in Dresden in Germany