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Real Madrid wins Champions League after beating Atletico on penalties

Cristiano Ronaldo converted the winning penalty for Madrid – they won the shoot-out 5-3.

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Программа ВРЕМЯ в 21.00 (28.05.2016) 28 мая 2016 «1 канал»

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Полет фантазии: журналист The Guardian выдумывал экспертов для своих статей

Журналиста британской газеты The Guardian Джозефа Мейтона уличили в том, что он выдумывает комментарии героев для своих статей, а также описывает мероприятия, на которых сам не присутствовал. Издание наняло независимого эксперта, который проверил полсотни статей автора и выяснил, что спикеры, о которых писал Мейтон, были вымышленными. При этом сам журналист, разумеется, все отрицает. Подробности в материале RT.

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CANADA - Protesters fuming after 90 arrested in Toronto pot raids

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TECHNOLOGY - Picture perfect: New smartphone lenses let users be creative

New smartphone camera add-ons allow users to get creative with options like the fisheye and soft-focus lenses. 

INC News, 28/05/2016 - source: ©CTV News

TURKEY - Outrage over Turk masturbating on sleeping woman on the bus

There has been public outrage in Turkey after an employee at one of the country’s largest bus companies was caught masturbating on a sleeping passenger. The victim says it reflects "the oppressive environment against women” in the country.
During a journey from Muğla to İstanbul on Tuesday, a Metro Turizm bus assistant identified only by the initials C.G. is reported to have started masturbating beside a woman, known only as C.D., while she was asleep in the vehicle. The woman is understood to have been woken up by the sound of the man, who is reported to have ejaculated on the woman’s face and clothing.
We invite our readers to read the entire article clicking HERE, to have an idea of what was this disgusting story.
We have no words to express our disgust on what happened in Turkey, and we are astonished to understand that the person who made this action was not arrested. What kind of legislation can cover actions like that one against a woman, a human bean?
INC News, 28/05/2016 - source: ©RTNews

SCIENCE - 'Minivan-sized' sea creature discovered

INC News, 28/05/2016 - source: ©CNN

BRAZIL - Video of girl allegedly gang-raped shocks Brazilians

INC News, 28/05/2016 - source: ©CNN

ZIKA SITUATION - Doctors: Postpone or move Olympics due to Zika

CNN's Ivan Watson reports on why Brazil's Zika outbreak has caused more than 100 prominent doctors and professors to call for the Olympics to be postponed or moved.

INC News, 28/05/2016 - source: ©CNN

ECONOMY - Microsoft cuts 1,850 jobs from smartphone hardware biz

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ТВ-новости: Барак Обама посетил Хиросиму

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INTERVIEW - 'I've lived with death threats for 10 years' Roberto Saviano

Speaking out about the mafia can come at a price and for writer Roberto Saviano that has meant 10 years living under police protection. In a book published in 2006, he exposed the activities of the Camorra, a mafia organisation based in Naples, described as Italy's most bloody and ruthless criminal group. Matthew Price spoke to Mr Saviano, for the Victoria Derbyshire program, about living with a death threat from the mafia.

INC News, 28/05/2016 - source: ©BBC News

KAZAKHSTAN - Настоящее Время – Азия. 28 мая

INC News, 28/05/2016 - source: ©Azattyq TV

AUSTRALIA - Clashes Erupt at Opposing Melbourne Rallies

Police in Melbourne, Australia arrested seven people when anti-racism and anti-immigration protesters clashed on the street Saturday.

INC News, 28/05/2016 - source: ©AP

SPACE - SpaceX Lands Rocket After Satellite Delivery

SpaceX pulled off another rocket landing, the third in just under two months on Friday. The first stage of the unmanned rocket settled onto a barge 400 miles off the Florida coast, eight minutes after liftoff from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

INC News, 28/05/2016 - source: ©AP

RESEARCH - Cellphone Radiation Study Raises Some Concerns

A new federal cellphone study in rats, finding a slight increase in brain tumors only males, is raising long-dormant safety concerns. 

INC News, 28/05/2016 - source: ©AP

MARKET - Small businesses booming in Russia despite economic woes

The Russian economy is going through a tough time but that's not stopping some people, from making their own opportunities. The small businesses that are being created, are booming. But the state's not reaping the benefits and are now looking for ways to tap into this vibrant sector.

INC News, 28/05/2016 - source: ©AlJazeera

BRAZIL - Gang-rape images posted on Twitter shock Brazil

Brazilian police say they've issued arrest warrants for four of the more than 30 men suspected of raping a 16-year old girl and putting video of the attack on social media.The assault in Rio de Janeiro has led to protests against what campaigners say is a culture of rape in Brazil.

INC News, 28/05/2016 - source: ©AlJazeera

MEDIA - Listening post : Decoding your Facebook newsfeed

On The Listening Post this week: Facebook - social media platform or news gatekeeper? Plus, how one journalist is handling the challenges of reporting on the drone war in northwest Pakistan. 
Decoding your Facebook newsfeed
The world's largest social media network is also one of the biggest news platforms - so allegations of a bias towards liberal news issues has triggered a lot of scrutiny, both from outside and from within. This week we unpick how Facebook delivers the news to you and why it matters.
Many journalists and writers have been tracking the Facebook story and its implications.
For this report, we have spoken to: Zeynep Tufekci, assistant professor at the School of Information and Library Science, University of North Carolina; Callum Borchers, media and politics reporter at The Washington Post; Will Oremus, technology reporter at; and Kelly McBridge, media ethicist, The Poynter Institute.

On our radar

In Kazakhstan, 44 journalists were amongst hundreds arrested by security forces during nationwide anti-government protests.
The legal case pitting a one-time time wrestler Hulk Hogan against Gawker Media. Was it funded by a Silicon Valley billionaire with a grudge? 
French satirical TV show Le Petit Journal exposes how a Russian state TV report about labor protests in Paris was manipulated, how viewers were misled and how the EU angle was fabricated.
Mission impossible: Reporting Pakistan's northwest

Remote, difficult to navigate, the target or American drone strikes since 2004 and the site of the Pakistani army's Operation Zarb-e-azb - Waziristan in northwest Pakistan is a perilous assignment for any journalist. We follow one man - Noor Behram - who is trying to report the northwest.

Talking us through this story are: Shahzad Akbar, director at the Foundation for Fundamental Rights; Madiha Tahir, director at 'Wounds of Waziristan'; Noor Behram, Waziristan-based journalist; and Wajahat Khan, anchor at Dunya News.

INC News, 28/05/2016 - source: ©AlJazeera

ARGENTINE - Operation Condor: Argentine court convicts 15 ex-army officers for atroc...

An Argentine court has sentenced 15 former South American army officers for their role in crushing dissidents. Many left-wing activists were kidnapped and killed in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Bolivia during Operation Condor launched in the 1970s.

INC News, 28/05/2016 - source: ©AlJazeera


Hundreds evacuated from major shopping mall in Moscow ‘over bomb threat’

Nearly a thousand people have been evacuated from the Aviapark shopping mall in north Moscow. Security sources told local media that the building is being checked for explosives.
The evacuation took place on Saturday after an anonymous caller warned of a bomb threat, a source in the emergency services told RIA Novosti.
"Following the [phone] call [talking] about a planted bomb, around 1,000 people were evacuated from the mall. The building is being examined," the source said.
INC News, 28/05/2016 - source: ©RTNews

CULTURE - Mongolia is rediscovering its vast heritage of Buddhist literature

INC News, 28/05/2016 - source: ©AlJazeera

Прогноз погоды на 29 мая

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Греческие археологи нашли могилу Аристотеля

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Мощные наводнения обрушились на американский штат Техас

INC News, 28/05/2016 - source: ©Telekanal 24KZ

Теракт в Мали: 5 военных погибли

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Ярмарка товаропроизводителей северного региона проходит в Астане

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В Павлодаре достраивают первый многоэтажный дом по новой технологии

INC News, 28/05/2016 - source: ©Telekanal 24KZ

Женская сборная Казахстана по боксу выиграла медальный зачет ЧМ

INC News, 28/05/2016 - source: ©Telekanal 24KZ

SPACE - Time-lapse of Falcon 9 landing back on Earth

A spectacular time-lapse released by NASA showed the moment the unmanned rocket SpaceX Falcon 9 landed back on earth for the third successful mission in two months.

INC News, 28/05/2016 - source: ©RTNews

NORTH KOREA appears to have set up its own Facebook clone

Only a short time after being spotted online, a clone of the Facebook social network apparently set up in North Korea has already been hacked.
The website, StarCon, is modeled on the famous social network, but in its North Korean incarnation is known as "Best Korea's Social Network”.
Like its multi-billion dollar cousin, the North Korean site allows people from anywhere to register on the website and then upload their profile picture, message friends, upload cat videos, the usual.
Read article clicking HERE
INC News, 28/05/2016 - source: ©RTNews -  photo ©Reuters

Suspicious package halts Milan metro ahead of Champions League final

A metro station in Milan has been evacuated over a suspicious package ahead of a UEFA Champions League match, local media reported. Police also closed two lines until the situation is clear.
Police raised the alarm at Cadorna metro station, which serves Line 1 and Line 2 of the Milan metro system.
A suspicious woman was seen leaving a few packages on the stairs of the station, La Gazetta Dello Sport reported.
INC News, 28/05/2016 - source: ©RTNews, photo ©Reuters

LUTTO TEATRALE: E' morto Giorgio Albertazzi, l'ultimo imperatore del teatro: aveva 92 anni

Si è spento all'età di 92 anni Giorgio Albertazzi, una delle più importanti figure del teatro italiano del Novecento. L'attore si trovava in Toscana nella casa di Pia De' Tolomei. Le ultime apparzioni in teatro ne Il mercante di VeneziaLa tempesta e Memorie di Adriano. Come ha reso noto la famiglia, annunciando la scomparsa del "più grande attore italiano, Albertazzi  da tempo "era sofferente e il suo cuore ha smesso di battere alle 9".

“Vengono a vedermi in tanti a teatro forse perchè pensano che potrebbe essere l'ultima volta ormai”. Lo diceva la scorsa stagione mostrando che anche da  ultranovantenne l'ironia, l'intelligenza, lo sguardo beffardo non erano venuti meno. Giorgio Albertazzi avrebbe compiuto 93 anni il prossimo 20 agosto; è morto stamane nella sua casa in Maremma, con accanto la moglie Pia de’ Tolomei,  per una sofferenza al cuore. Ma proprio il cuore, la passione, l'entusiasmo erano stati il motore, forse la ragione della sua vita di attore e uomo che ha attraversato in prima linea, con temperamento guascone, temerario, senza censure.

Leggete l'intero articolo di Repubblica, cliccando QUI
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