Friday, October 16, 2015

Лагерь под Дамаском: бытовые подробности

Скандал с Ferrari: СК поручил возбудить дело по факту нападения на журна...

Корнишоны могут быть причиной смерти 15-летней девочки

Полоса с буквой «А»: начало конца

Интерпол и Европол: активизация борьбы с контрабандистами живым товаром

Число жертв теракта в Анкаре возросло до 102

Суд Лондона: работа Uber не противоречит британским законам

Египет: фунт падает все ниже - economy

Carrefour: продажи растут благодаря Европе - economy

Новые подозреваемые в деле Локерби

Теракт в Нигерии: десятки жертв в Майдугури

Итальянский "Город будущего": возродить провинцию силами беженцев - repo...

Терапия для кудрявой шевелюры - science

Германия: новый скандал со службой разведки

Два новых подозреваемых в деле о взрыве над Локерби - BBC Russian

Ипотека алу

Real Martians Moment: Morpheus - Landing on Mars

Alemania endurece la postura contra Volskwagen

Alemania también espiaba a sus aliados, entre ellos Estados Unidos

Consejos para no desperdiciar comida - utalk

Las ventas de Carrefour aumentan en el sur de Europa y Brasil y bajan en...

Terzo trimestre, Carrefour corre grazie alla ripresa europea - economy

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Migranti: corteo di solidarietà ad Atene, in Bulgaria afghano ucciso al ...

Nigeria: attentato contro una moschea a Maiduguri, decine di morti

Riace, Italy: a haven for refugees? - reporter

Lockerbie families welcome identification of new Libyan suspects

'Dozens dead' in Nigeria mosque blasts

‘Mensen zeggen dat Wendy coke gebruikt’

Herfstvakantie blijft droog

‘Iedereen tegelijk vakantie’

‘Dubbele moord niet te bevatten’

Boetes ongeldig door bordenblunder

Veel vragen rond dubbele moord

Eeuwenoude mummie ontdekt

Cop kicks phone out of teen's hand, shoots 7 times

Raw: Pope Francis Visits Homeless Shelter

Floods and Mud Strand Los Angeles-Area Drivers

Hacker Arrested in Alleged ISIS Effort to Kill Americans

Toy Car Replica | ABC News

Il medico che sconsiglia i vaccini potrebbe essere sanzionato

Il medico che sconsiglia ai propri pazienti di sottoporsi alle vaccinazioni previste dal Piano nazionale potrebbe rischiare una sanzione da parte dell’Ordine. L’ipotesi sarebbe allo studio da parte del Ministero della Salute nell’ambito del lavoro sul nuovo Piano vaccinale, che sarà discusso il 20 ottobre in un incontro tra Regioni e Ministero e che potrebbe includere anche un provvedimento per l’obbligo delle vaccinazioni nei bambini che frequentano la scuola. Della reintroduzione dell’obbligo di vaccinazione per i bambini che frequentano le scuole dell’obbligo hanno discusso giovedì anche gli assessori regionali alla Sanità, riuniti a Roma, e contemporaneamente il deputato Filippo Crimì (Pd), ha presentato una proposta di legge che va nella stessa direzione.

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INC News, 16/10/2015 - via Corriere

'Disaster waiting to happen': 'Dustbin ship' with 25 tons of nuclear waste heading to Australia

A ship carrying 25 tons of nuclear waste has departed from France bound for Australia, despite environmentalists sounding the alarm. The critics say the 'dustbin ship' is not fit to carry hazardous cargo.
The BBC Shanghai departed this week from the port of Cherbourg in northern France with a load of nuclear waste. It originated at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) and had been shipped in the 1990s and early 2000s to France for reprocessing. Now the plant in Beaumont-Hague near Cherbourg is sending it back to Australia's Port Kembla, south of Sydney, to be eventually stored at the Lucas Heights nuclear facility, on the outskirts of the Australia’s largest city.
But some environmentalists and legislators believe the vessel should not be used to handle the hazardous cargo at all and objected to its selection by the French nuclear firm Areva. They believe the 14-year-old ship with the waste on board would be a sort of floating Fukushima – unable to withstand a serious emergency.

INC News, 16/10/2015 - via RT

Child sex abuse inquiry testimonies ‘accidently deleted’

Child sex abuse testimonies submitted by alleged victims through the government’s official inquiry website set up by Home Secretary Theresa May have been permanently deleted due to a glitch, it has emerged.
All details submitted through the “share your experience” section on the Independent Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse (IICSA) website between September 14 and October 2 were “instantly and permanently deleted” before reaching staff. The IICSA said the issue was due to a “change in our website address” and urged people to resubmit their information. The inquiry into historic sex abuse was first launched last July following claims of a high-level cover-up of child abuse.
However, the probe has suffered a number of delays after its previous chairwomen Lady Butler-Sloss and Fiona Woolf resigned.
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INC News, 16/10/2015 - via RT

Russia faces battle with Saudi Arabia over European oil market share

European oil refineries seem to be turning to Saudi instead of Russian crude. The Kingdom has been cutting prices to win market share away from Russia which accounts for 25 percent of crude consumption in Europe.
According to Reuters, oil majors Exxon, Shell, Total and Eni have been buying more crude from Riyadh for their refineries in Western Europe and the Mediterranean in the past few months at the expense of Russian oil.
"I'm buying less and less Russian crude for my refineries in Europe simply because Saudi barrels are looking more attractive. It is a no brainer for me as Saudi crude is just cheaper," a trading source in a major European company told Reuters, who preferred to stay anonymous.
The average price of Russian Urals oil in January - September 2015 was about $ 54.40 per barrel (compared to $ 105.07 for the same period last year). However, an analyst from Russia’s Uralsib bank Aleksey Kokin says Saudi contracts with European companies are looking at benchmarks such as Brent and Dubai, which are priced at $48-49 per barrel.

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INC News, 16/10/2015 - via RT

Air France suspends 5 workers over clothes-ripping exec attack

Five Air France workers have been suspended and face trial for an assault on company executives during union protests in early October. The employees are suspected of attacking and stripping their bosses who were meeting to discuss job cuts.The company sent letters to the workers on Thursday, saying they were suspended without pay in connection with the incident and that disciplinary procedures had been launched against them, reports France 24, citing union sources.Police detained the men on Monday, following their identification with the help of video footage of the incident, according to an official at the prosecutor's office. They were bailed to appear in court on December 2. The suspects face fines up to €45,000 and up to five years behind bars.
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INC News, 16/10/2015 - via RT

Huge blaze at construction market in Moscow suburb

A huge fire has broken out at a big construction market in a Moscow suburb, emergency services said, adding that helicopters will be deployed to extinguish the blaze.
The incident took place in a town of Nemchinovka, just outside the Russian capital. Now at least five pavilions are on fire and the area of the blaze has already reached 300 sq meters, an official from Russia’s Emergency Services told TASS. Earlier the authorities estimated the area of the fire at 150 sq meters.
The city authorities have decided to deploy Ka-32 helicopters and 28 firefighters to extinguish the blaze. 
INC News, 16/10/2015 -via RT


Explosion at oil rig in Encinal, Texas, massive fire 

A massive explosion at an oil rig in Texas has occurred near town of Encinal, local KSAT 12 reported on Friday. The explosion took place at about 4am local time.
The explosion took place at the Lewis Energy facility, located near Encinal, a town located in south Texas about 120 miles southwest of San Antonio.

INC News, 16/10/2015 - via RT