Thursday, August 14, 2014

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Robby Williams passing-Breaking news

 BBC sent info from Agency that Robby Williams suffered from initial stage Parkinson's disease at the moment of the drama. His wife communicated this.
Robby sickness
Rotterdam, 14/08/2014-INC News

A moment of relax also for women, looking what is the fashion in Russia

Russian-born, Milan-based designer Julia Voitenko recently unveiled her latest Esme Vie collection in Rome at Italian couture fashion week "Alta Roma." Voitenko has been showing her made-in-Italy designs for the past three seasons, garnering critical acclaim and industry support along the way. She has emerged as one of the best young designers to come out of Vogue Italia's "Who's On Next" talent support program, and Vogue Italia editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani has been photographed wearing Esme Vie designs — high praise indeed.
Rotterdam, 14/08/2014-INC News

Food prices amounted in Kazakhstan

According to the Agency for Statistics, in July 2014 the inflation level amounted to 0.1%, which is 6.9% in an annualized basis, the press office of the National Bank of Kazakhstan informs.
At the same time, food prices fell by 0.2%. Manufactured goods' price rose by 0.3%, tariffs for paid services increased by 0.3%.
Foodstuffs which prices increased include eggs - 4.2%, rice - 3.8%, sugar - 2.6%, flour - 2.2%, tea - 1.7%, meat and meat products - 0.9%, confectionery products - 0.8%, bread and pasta - 0.7%, fish and seafood - 0.4%. Foodstuffs which prices decreased include buckwheat - 0.1%, fruits and vegetables - cabbage 24.6%, potatoes - 19.9%, beet - 1.9%.
In January-July of the current year inflation was 4.9%. Groceries' prices from the beginning of the year rose by 5.4%. In July of 2014 the annual inflation level was 6.9%. Prices for food products in the past 12 months rose by 7.0%, non-food - by 7.1%, paid services - by 6.6%.
Almaty, 14/08/2014-INC News

News from Kazakhstan

Fifteen Chinese workers who were forced into slave labor at a factory in Kazakhstan have been saved by local police, refers to ecns.
The news office of Almaty said 15 Chinese "slaves" were saved from a private brick factory. One Chinese had called the local police before and said he and 14 other Chinese workers were forced to work under unbearable conditions at a brick factory.The local police then went to get them out of the factory. It was reported that "visible injuries" were found on one of the workers. The manager of the factory and three assistants are being investigated. Almaty, the country's largest city, is located in the mountainous area of southern Kazakhstan, bordering China.
Rotterdam, 14/08/2014-INC News

Gli scontri tra vip possono finire male

arrestata giornalista RAI

La giornalista e conduttrice Rai Eleonora De Nardis è stata posta agli arresti domiciliari con l'accusa di lesioni personali per aver ferito il compagno con un arma da taglio all'avambraccio sinistro. I fatti si sono verificati attorno all'una della scorsa notte in una abitazione del centro storico di Ostuni, nel brindisino, accanto ad un pub affollato. Il coltello è stato poi sequestrato dalla polizia nell'appartamento in cui è avvenuto il ferimento che la coppia aveva affittato nel borgo antico.
Rotterdam, 14/08/2014-INC News

If this is the result, was really convenient the contre-embargo?

Oil Giant Rosneft Requests Massive State Support to Withstand SanctionsRussia's Rosneft, which produces more oil than Iraq or Iran, is seeking a $42 billion loan from a fund earmarked for Russian pensions to help it weather Western sanctions imposed over Moscow's role in Ukraine. Analysts expected the Russian government to turn down the proposal by the world's largest-listed oil producer, one-fifth owned by BP and run by a close ally of President Vladimir Putin, unless political pressure is brought to bear.
Rotterdam, 14/08/2014-INC News

Also the Ministers are under hacker attack, now!

A group of anonymous hackers known collectively as Shaltay Boltay (Humpty Dumpty) has denied hacking into the Twitter account of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on Thursday, but said it was possible that some members carried out the attack of their own accord.
Hacker and Medvedev
Rotterdam, 14/08/2014-INC News

Will be really the truth what the investigators will publish?

MH17 Inquiry Results to Be Published Early September.
The preliminary results of an inquiry into the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 will be published during the first week of September, Agency France Press reported Thursday. The passenger jet is believed to have been shot down over war-torn eastern Ukraine on July 17, claiming the lives of all 298 passengers and crew members on board.Ongoing fighting between pro-Russian rebels and Ukrainian government forces prevented investigators from reaching the crash site, but Dutch, Australian and Malaysian forensic experts managed to make it to the area to look for human remains and personal belongings.
Rotterdam, 14/08/2014-INC News

Danish Retailer Jysk Scraps Russia Plans Over Sanctions

A retailer founded by a Danish billionaire has scrapped plans to open hundreds of stores in Russia due to the economic uncertainty caused by Western sanctions.
Jysk, which sells bedding and other home wares, is a household name in Denmark with annual sales of around 19 billion Danish crowns ($3.4 billion). It also has 150 stores in Poland and 23 in Ukraine.
Rotterdam, 14/08/2014-INC News

Сердечная недостаточность: мишень - женщины

По данным исследований, в развитых европейских странах сердечной недостаточностью страдают около 28 млн. человек. В России число пациентов с диагностированным заболеванием составляет 5,1 млн, реальные показатели значительно выше — около 9 млн. человек. Если бы все пациенты жили на территории Москвы, то составляли бы 75% ее жителей! В определенный момент своей жизни с сердечной недостаточностью сталкиваетсякаждый пятый человек.
Almaty, 14/08/2014-INC News

Европа: на тебе, Россия, что мне негоже

Общественность продолжает обсуждать плюсы и минусы российских санкций в отношении западных производителей продуктов питания. Одни радуются, что "Россия, наконец-то, ответила", другие переживают, что теперь не смогут есть устрицы на завтрак, третьи ждут дефицита и последующего за ним голода. Но почему-то мало кто говорит о таком факторе, как здоровье.

Russia and foods
Almaty, 14/08/2014-INC News

Today in History for August 13th

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Lauren Bacall, 1925-2014

Very interesting

Made in KZ
Kazakhstan needs national brands, expert says. According to Bela Syrlybaeva, Kazakh bread or meat products can become national brands in the CU market.
Head of the KazISS Department of Economic Research under RK President Bela Syrlybaeva spoke of the need to create national brands with Kazakhstan’s joining the Customs Union, informed kazpravda.
Almaty, 14/08/2014-INC News

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