Friday, February 21, 2014

Kieve: worst moment

The protesters have opened fire on the police, near the parliament square. Now things get complicated more and more then before.

Kieve now

Atyrau, 21/02/2014 - INC News

The interviews of INC News


I am looking for a gift, even without an idea, and I happen to pass near a store which has on the ground at the entrance, the Ladybug, an important symbol  of recognition by the Gemeente Schiedam to a store, that can be said ISO, if ever a store can have an ISO. The showcase is engaging, interesting products, as well as the price.
The entrance seemed free, considering that the door was open, and from  a pretty young lady I received a good morning and an invitation to enter. It was not necessarily pray me, and I entered looking carefully all the windows, discovering new items and discovering as well as that any article, as otherwise it happens in other jewelers, was devoid of the price.
A very nice lady with glasses come up to me smiling and asked if I had any choices or if I need to be helped into them. I replied that I had come to see the shop to buy something, having no an idea about what to give, and instead I found myself at home... ! Too much at ease was not my custom to a store, so I stopped any my behavior and I started to see and compare items and prices.
A few minutes later came the owners, who, in turn, instead of ignoring customers (I was not  only  me there), said goodbye to everyone and approached me, asking if I had any specific choices. I drifted into their store without the slightest worry or boredom, indeed. I managed to rip them a handful of minutes to do a little interview and give them kudos in the usual manner of one who is a journalist.

Inna Van't Hoog and her husband Wim operate two stores of the same type, Wim the one located in Schiedam, and Inna the one located in Vlaardingen. Always dedicated to their work, always together in the life, run jewelry stores for forty years, with the same charge and affability, always with a smile on their lips. When asked if they had found the secret of happiness, they replied that the secret was in knowing how to wisely manage their business and professional skills, but also giving to young people the same opportunities that they have had. The staff at the store, in fact, received from them the training to be sellers, and they themselves follow the entire process of the activity in communion with the customer:  if a customer decides to buy something, the first thing to do is to satisfy him, and more, if we talk about prices of objects, well, they were among the first to choose a new form of sale.

A store, if it wants to have success must be able to diversify the collections in respect of what could be the request by customers; collections change often, especially the colors and shapes, never long periods with the same items. And then the big step to show all the related cost and without shame. A customer who knows how much an object costs, he enters into the shop and buy  without delay, because he knows where he can get up, otherwise it remains outside looking at the window, with the thought that not knowing what the subject matter of the heart may cost, it remains just to rub his eyes.

Separated on the day at work, at home together, the couple has been married for many years, and yet their marriage is one of those overjoyed. Wim, a gentleman, very personable and always smiling manager, looks proudly his partner Inna, a sweet lady, which gives a hard time to trade in an article rather devil to place, especially in historical periods such as the current recession in the European Union.
But their union has the strength and the City Council will rightly reward with the Ladybug on the cobbled road. The store's location is very strategic, located between a large flower shop next to the supermarket AH, in front of three other stores. The customer does not miss, the comings and goings of the area allow visitors to enter and will buy almost daily, maybe something small, but they buy and this turns good money in Schiedam, 79 thousand citizens of all nationalities and thought.
I also bought something, and I said that in my leave I will return to them often. As I'm sure others like me will. I exited and I waited a few seconds more to watch the ladybug: never award was given rightly so.

Almaty, 03/02/2014 – INC News

Carolina la Grande!

Mai vista una Carolina cosi' in gamba!! Robe da orgasmo!
Abbiamo seguito la prova di Carola come se avessimo visto un fim di massima attrazione e avevamo ragione: ha portato a termine un Bolero come mai abbiamo visto prima, con un movimento del corpo che ha lasciato tutti stupefatti. Nessun dubbio che avesse potuto arrivare prima, ma nulla si può fare contro la regina del pattinaggio artistico femminile, Kim Yu Na. Possiamo però scrivere senza tema di errore che ora il mondo del pattinaggio ha tre donne incredibili. Ma la cosa che ci rende orgogliosi è che la grande Carola assieme alla bravissima e sensualissima Valentina Marchei, ha riportato in auge il pattinaggio artistico in Italia, che sembrava oramai decaduto.
Atyrau, 21/02/2014 - INC News

Carola sei tutti noi!!

We followed the exhibition of Carola as if we had seen a film of maximum attraction and we were right: she has completed a Bolero as we have never seen before, with movements of the body that left everyone amazed. No doubt she could get before, but nothing can be done against the queen of women's figure skating, Kim Yu Na. We can write without fear of error that now the world of figure skating has three amazing women. But the thing that makes us proud is that the great Carola along with the talented and sensual Valentina Marchei, has revived the figure skating in Italy, which seemed now lapsed.
Cara Carola!!
Atyrau, 21/02/2014 - INC News

EU starts sanctioning Ukraine

The only solution to end the massacre of civilians, we believe it is the exit from the government of Yanukovych. EU sanctions now apply the first.
The risk of Ukraine collapse is really near.

EU sanctions
Atyrau, 21/02/2014

Kiev - The revolution asks blood?

Every revolution asks victims who then become heroes, but often calls for the death of innocent people, or who are doing their job of keeping human life worth living. Now that the revolution is causing a real massacre, the question is whether to get a right we should get to destroy what you have. Destroy not need to get, but also to remain silent can be destructive.

Atyrau, 21/02/2014 - INC News

Morire a Kiev

Lo avevamo gia' detto, nei giorni scorsi, che se il governo di Kiev non prendeva provvedimenti seri e rispettava le richieste di UN e EU sarebbe stato un massacro.

Ora i morti stanno per essere incontabili e di giorno in giorno la situazione potrebbe degenerare in vera guerra civile.

La Morte a Kiev

Atyrau, 21/02/2014 - INC News