Saturday, December 13, 2014

Ecco i jet russi sull’Europa ripresi dagli F-16 olandesi

Torino, il tunnel del vento per imparare a volare

EUROPE - Food allergy laws enforced in restaurants and takeaways

Restaurants and takeaways across Europe will be required by law to tell customers if their food contains ingredients known to trigger allergies. Staff must provide information on 14 everyday allergens including nuts, milk, celery, gluten, soya and wheat. The new measures, which come into force on Saturday, cover meals served in bakeries, cafes, care homes and packaged produce sold by supermarkets. There may be fines for repeat offenders. According to the European Academy of Allergy, food allergies affect more than 17 million people across Europe.

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INC News, 13/12/2014 - via BBC

Russia’s Ruble Zips Past 58 to U.S. Dollar as Devaluation Accelerates

The Russian currency passed 58 against the U.S. dollar on Friday for the first time since the country’s 1998 crisis as global oil prices declined, extending this week's plunge against the greenback to around 10 percent.
The ruble fell sharply in late trading, touching an all-time record low against the euro in the early evening and finishing at 58.13 against the dollar and 72.3 against the European currency, according to data from the Moscow Exchange. Amid volatile trading earlier in the day market participants said that the Central Bank was selling foreign currency in a bid to halt the collapse.
Pressure on the ruble has intensified in recent weeks despite the Central Bank announcing a one-percentage-point interest rate rise on Thursday and President Vladimir Putin's declaration of war against currency “speculators.” The Central Bank, which has burned through about $75 billion defending the ruble since January, spent about $700 million Friday morning, according to Reuters news agency citing currency traders.
The Brent oil global benchmark slid to $62 a barrel on Friday, its lowest level for five and a half years, bringing its fall this week to 8 percent. The drops in oil and the ruble were reflected by Russia's stock exchanges. The dollar-denominated RTS Index, which is down over 40 percent this year, tumbled almost 4 percent on opening Friday, closing below the 800 mark for the first time since the 2009 global financial crisis.
The ruble-traded MICEX Index, which is buoyed by Russian currency weakness, closed up 0.3 percent.
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INC News, 13/12/2014

ITALIA - Polemiche per sexy manifesto Belen a Milano: 'Distrae gli automibilisti'

Due maxi manifesti che ritraggono Belen Rodriguez che pubblicizza una nota marca di biancheria intima stanno diventando un piccolo caso a Milano, dopo che un comitato di cittadini ha invitato la Polizia municipale a toglierli in quanto l'avvenenza della soubrette distrarrebbe gli automobilisti in Corso Buenos Aires, una delle vie dello shopping cittadino. Paolo Uguccioni, presidente del Comitato Venezia Buenos Aires ha scritto infatti nei giorni una lettera alla Polizia Locale in cui raccoglie segnalazioni di cittadini sulla presenza di "enormi cartelloni pubblicitari" che "rappresentano un serio pericolo per la circolazione veicolare".
INC News, 13/12/2014 - via ANSA AP

Svezia, sfiorato scontro nei cieli tra jet russo e aereo di linea

Un jet militare russo stava per scontrarsi con un aereo di linea svedese appena decollato da Copenhagen. Lo ha annunciato oggi l'esercito della Svezia ma l'incidente è avvenuto ieri a sud della città di Malmoe. "Abbiamo avuto la conferma dal ministero della Difesa che si trattava di un aereo russo", ha detto Johannes Hellqvis, portavoce delle forze armate svedesi, spiegando che una volta scoperta la presenza del velivolo russo sono subito decollati jet svedesi e danesi.

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INC News, 13/12/2014 - via ANSA AP

В Вашингтоне проходит марш протеста против полицейской жестокости

Митинг против полицейского произвола в Вашингтоне собрал более 10 тыс. ч...

Черный Пит вызвал недовольство жителей немецкого Потсдама

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HD RAW Proton rocket w/Gazprom Yamal satellite erected on launchpad

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Tasting the World's Most Expensive Mulled Wine

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Left-wing extremists run riot in upscale Zurich, Switzerland

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