Thursday, September 18, 2014

Muscovites Can Expect a Frigid Winter This Year

Moscow cold winter
Following last year's relatively tepid winter, the cold is expected to return to Moscow with a vengeance this winter, with forecasters predicting temperatures to plunge as low as negative 30 degrees Celsius.
"We expect … it will be very cold in Moscow in January and February — between negative 25 C and negative 30 C," Pyotr Biryukov, a deputy mayor whose department oversees housing and public works, was quoted as saying Thursday by the Rossiiskaya Gazeta newspaper.
Biryukov added that while he doesn't always trust such forecasts, it's "better to be safe than sorry" and that City Hall is undertaking all the necessary preparations in anticipation of the cold.
"We have prepared all 17 of our thermal power plants, which generate heat and electricity for the city, as well as 46 district heating stations and 126 boiler stations," Biryukov said.
INC News, 18/09/2014

Sparatoria a Milano, 2 morti e un ferito

Sparatoria a Milano

Sparatoria in strada, a Milano, questa sera con un bilancio di due morti e un ferito. Le vittime, tutte albanesi, sono state ritrovate in tre diverse strade, anche se il blitz è avvenuto in piazza Giustino Fortunato, nella zona nord della città, nel quartiere Bruzzano.
    Una delle vittime è stata trovata di fronte all'ospedale Galeazzi. Il ferito, colpito all'addome, è stato trasferito e operato al Fatebenefratelli. E' caccia al killer, fuggito a bordo di una Opel. Indagano i carabinieri.
INC News, 18/09/2014-Fonte ANSA AP

L'once d'or à un plus bas de plusieurs mois - economy

Seriously, who does this on a flight?!

Virginia Police Release Video of Missing Student

Australian Police Detain 15 to Stop Terror Plot

Gun instructor's children send message to girl who accidentally killed their father

Cafe explosion in Kazakhstan leaves 18 injured

Explosion in cafe in Almaty

An explosion in a cafe in Almaty has left 18 people injured. Keremet café is located on the first floor of Partner business center  on Makatayev street, Tengrinews correspondent reports.
The explosive blast was so strong that it injured people standing in the street outside the cafe, overturned all the furniture inside the cafe's kitchen and heavily dented a gate made of thick iron bars. But, it caused absolutely no fire... and left the propane cylinders stored right outside the building undamaged.
According to the deputy head of the fire service Oleg Messerschmidt, visitors, workers and several passers-by were affected by the blast. None of them received any heavy injuries. They were all taken to four different hospitals.

The explosion happened at 9:52 p.m. on September 17. The fire service arrived at the scene with four vehicles and 32 firemen. Messerschmidt said that preliminary data suggest that a gas leak caused the explosion in the kitchen.

An eyewitness of the incident said that the staff of the cafe smelled the gas and asked the visitors to immediately leave the establishment. However, it wan't soon enough. The explosion happened right when the people approached the door.

There are no gas supply pipes in the building that is why the cafe was using bottle propane to cook. Both the building and the cafe hold valid fire safety regulations compliance certificates.
The exact cause of the explosion is being investigated, Messerschmidt said. “Major damages are to the window openings and interior partitions. Most likely this is something related to gas. But this a preliminary conclusion. This is being investigated by competent authorities at the moment,” he said.
According to the technical standards applied in Kazakhstan, gas cylinders are supposed to be kept outside, and some of them were, but not all of them it turned out. 
INC News, 18/09/2014

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Newlywed Craigslist Killers Sentenced To Life

Couple murder
A newlywed couple who lured a man to his death using a Craigslist ad have been sentenced to life without parole. The judge said Miranda Barbour, 19, and her husband Elytte Barbour, 22, must be permanently removed from society.
Elytte Barbour apologised during Thursday's hearing in Sunbury, Pennsylvania, though said he could not explain his actions. The couple pleaded guilty last month to second-degree murder, which carries a mandatory life sentence.Their admission of the lesser charge spared them the death penalty.
They had been married just three weeks when they met up with their 42-year-old victim Troy LaFerrara on November 11 last year.   He had answered an ad posted on Craigslist by Miranda Barbour offering companionship for men who "hated their wives". Elytte Barbour told police he hid under a blanket in the back seat of the couple's SUV as his wife picked up Mr LaFerrara from a shopping centre. 
INC News, 18/09/2014

New IS Video Shows Another British Hostage

New Briton hostage

A new video has been released showing another Briton believed to be held hostage by Islamic State militants. In the footage, the man - understood to be a journalist - is sitting behind a desk as he speaks to the camera.
He said he wanted "to convey some facts" which "if you contemplate might help preserving lives". He said over a series of programmes he will "show you the truth" as the western media "tries to drag the public back... to another war" with IS.
The group has previously killed three western hostages - a Briton and two Americans - and has threatened the life of UK aid convoy volunteer Alan Henning. The footage is filmed against a dark background, unlike the videos of the beheadings, which have shown hostages against desert backgrounds.
INC News, 18/09/2014

Tiziano Renzi indagato. Il padre del premier è accusato di bancarotta fraudolenta dalla procura di Genova

Il padre di Renzi indagato per bancarotta

Tiziano Renzi, padre del premier Matteo è indagato per bancarotta fraudolenta dalla procura di Genova. La vicenda è relativa al fallimento della società di distribuzione Chil Post, nel maggio 2013. Il curatore avrebbe rilevato passaggi sospetti dei rami d'impresa, e comunque delle uscite di denaro ingiustificate.
L'inchiesta è seguita dal pm Marco Ayroldi e seguita in prima persona dal procuratore aggiunto Nicola Piacente. La bancarotta viene contestata ad altre tre persone, ex amministratori della società. L'avviso di garanzia è stato notificato a Tiziano Renzi tre giorni fa, e coincide con la richiesta di proroga di indagini al Gip.
INC News, 18/09/2014-via Repubblica

IS Planned Beheading In Australia

Australia and ISIS

Fears supporters of Islamic State were planning to kidnap a random person and carry out a "demonstration killing" prompted Australia's largest ever anti-terror raids, the prime minister has said. Asked about reports that the planned attack involved a plot to behead a person in Sydney, Tony Abbott said: "That's the intelligence we received.
"The exhortations - quite direct exhortations - were coming from an Australian who is apparently quite senior in ISIL (also known as IS or ISIS) to networks of support back in Australia to conduct demonstration killings here in this country.
"This is not just suspicion, this is intent and that's why the police and security agencies decided to act in the way they have."
INC News, 18/09/2014

Honeymoon Briton Killed In Jet Ski Crash

Another Briton killed

A British man has been killed in a jet ski crash two days into his honeymoon in Santorini, Greek police have said. The 39-year-old, who has not been named, is thought to have been rammed into by another British jet skier. He was picked up by coast guard crews, who ordered an emergency airlift to the nearby island of Crete.
The man died of severe head and chest injuries before arriving at hospital. Greek authorities said the owner of the water sports rental was arrested along with a 29-year-old Briton - a friend of the groom.
Authorities have refused to disclose details of the Britons.
INC News, 18/09/2014

Ready to invest? Alibaba set to price shares as investors gear up for flotation

Chinese online giant Alibaba is expected to set the price of its shares later in what could be a record-breaking initial public offering (IPO). Alibaba could raise between $22bn (£13.5bn) and $25bn when it lists its shares in New York. The previous record IPO was set by Agricultural Bank of China's $22.1bn listing in 2010.
Alibaba said in an official filing on Monday that it expected to price its shares at between $66 and $68 a share. The increase suggested demand for the firm's shares is high. The shares are due to be priced after US markets close on Thursday, and start trading on the New York Stock Exchange on Friday.
Company executives and advisors have been meeting with potential institutional investors during the past week to gauge the likely demand for the shares so that they can set a price. Trading in the 368 million shares being sold is expected to be frenetic in the early hours after the market opens. According to financial information company Dealogic, Alibaba is expected to have a market capitalisation of about $165bn. The online retailer, which accounts for 80% of all online retail sales in China, handles more transactions than Amazon and eBay combined.
INC News, 18/09/2014-via BBC

INCREDIBLE - Syrian children's deaths 'caused by vaccine mix-up'
Medics carrying out a vaccination programme in rebel-held northern Syria accidentally administered a muscle relaxant to up to 75 children, killing 15 of them, the opposition says. A preliminary investigation by the National Coalition found atracurium was given to the children instead of a solution used to mix measles vaccines. The packaging for the drug is said to be similar to that of the solution.
All of the children who died on Tuesday were between six and 18 months old. Their parents initially accused the opposition health authorities of not storing the vaccines properly or using out-of-date medication. The National Coalition meanwhile said it suspected a "security breach by vandals" linked to the government of President Bashar al-Assad.
INC News, 18/09/2014-via BBC

France deadly storms at Herault camping site

South East France Storm

Five people have been killed after a flash flood at a camp site in Herault in southern France. Initial reports said a man and two women had died and two more women were missing as violent storms battered a large area of the south. A small river that runs along the Lamalou-les-Bains site burst its banks in the early hours of Thursday, sweeping up caravans and motor homes.
Earlier, a woman died after falling into a swollen river further north. Emergency services have had to rescue hundreds of people in the Herault as well as the neighbouring Gard and Aveyron areas. But no evacuation was carried out at the Lamalou-des-Bains site before the river burst its banks. Officials said there were hundreds of camp sites in the region and such storms were quite normal.
Herault official Frederic Loiseau told French TV that torrential rains had created a sudden surge of waters in the river that eventually burst through debris such as trees and branches and on to the camp site.
INC News, 18/09/2014-via BBC

A che punto arriveremo? Bambini di profughi trovato a dormire per terra in STazione Centrale a Milano

Bambini che dormono per terra a Milano

Ringraziamo i colleghi del Corriere della Sera per aver pubblicato l'articolo che qui oltre postiamo in breve, potrete leggere l' intero articolo cliccando sul link qui sopra. SIamo dunque al degrado totale, in questa citta' che era il baluardo dell'Italia post bellica? Oppure e' l'ennesimo contrasto tra partiti politici nel quale chi ne fa le spese sono i minori?

Bambini che dormono con la guancia sul cartone sul pavimento della stazione. La consigliera di zona di Forza Italia, Silvia Sardone, attraversa la Centrale lunedì pomeriggio e scatta delle fotografie. Sono scene viste di frequente in quest’ultimo anno di afflusso costante e incontrollabile di profughi siriani a Milano: famiglie intere sbarcate a Sud, approdate qui in treno, in attesa di rimettersi in viaggio per il Nord Europa. Nella confusione degli arrivi e, soprattutto, delle ripartenze, qualcuno si ferma nel mezzanino, spesso perché aspetta un Eurocity per Parigi o per Vienna. E accade che i bambini, stanchi, s’addormentino dove possono. «È vergognoso - scrive Sardone, diffondendo le foto - che il Governo e il Comune, dello stesso colore politico, non si assumano la responsabilità di quanto sta accadendo ma piuttosto continuino a rimbalzarsi il peso e le colpe sulla vicenda».

INC News, 18/09/2014-via Corriere della Sera

Trad: Mikhail Lermontov for INC News

We thank our colleagues of “Corriere della Sera” for having published the article that we are posting here as well in short, you can read the entire article by clicking the link above. We are at the total degradation, in this city which was the bulwark of Italy's post-war? Or is it yet another contrast between the political parties in which those who must bear the brunt are the children?

Children sleeping with her ​​cheek on cardboard on the floor of the station. Councillor for the area of “Forza Italia”, Silvia Sardone, through the Central Station on Monday afternoon and shoot some photos. Scenes are seen frequently in the last year of constant and uncontrollable influx of Syrian refugees in Milan: whole families landed in the South, landed here on the train, waiting to get back on the road in Northern Europe. In the confusion of arrivals and, above all, reboots, someone stops in the mezzanine, often because they expect a Eurocity  from Paris or Vienna. It happens that the children are tired, they fall in sleeping where they may. "It is shameful - writes Sardone, spreading the photos - that the Government and the municipality of the same political color, do not take responsibility for what is happening, but rather continue to ping-pong the weight and guilt on the matter."

Secret 'KGB Room' Discovered in Latvian Concert Hall

Latvia and KGB
Renovations at Latvia's Academy of Sciences have uncovered a secret "KGB room," where agents of the Soviet secret police could surreptitiously monitor visitors at a concert hall during conferences and performances, Latvian media reported.
The Stalin-era building in the capital, Riga, was being renovated after decades of disuse that followed the 1991 Soviet collapse, Latvia's Diena newspaper reported Wednesday.
"Renovating the hall, we found a very interesting object: a KGB room from which they [agents] could observe the entire auditorium," producer Juris Miller, who is in charge of the renovations, was quoted as saying.
Restorers plan to preserve the room and turn it into a museum, similar to DDR Museum in Berlin, to "expose" features of life under the Soviet regime, Miller told Diena.
The KGB room was at least the second secret found during renovations at the Academy of Sciences building. While restoring the molded ceiling of the concert hall, workers found a handwritten note left behind a panel by their Soviet-era predecessors.
INC News, 18/09/2014

Russian Police Investigate Attack on BBC Journalists in Astrakhan

Investigation on BBC journalists attacked in Astrakhan
Russian police have opened a criminal investigation after a team of BBC journalists was attacked in the southern city of Astrakhan.
At least "three aggressive men" took part in the attack, during which a cameraman was beaten and his camera smashed, the BBC reported Thursday, citing its Moscow correspondent Steve Rosenberg.
The attackers made make their escape in a getaway vehicle, the report said.
The journalists — who had traveled to Astrakhan to investigate reports of Russian servicemen being killed near the border with Ukraine — were questioned by police for four hours after the attack.
Upon returning from the police station, the journalists discovered that recording equipment left in their car had been tampered with.
A hard drive from their main computer as well as several memory cards had been wiped clean of any information, the BBC quoted Rosenberg as saying.
INC News, 18/09/2014

Russian Gas Flows to EU Via Ukraine Down From Last Week

Gas to Europe stopped

Russian natural-gas flows to the European Union through Slovakia via Ukraine on Thursday were similar to previous days this week, but still down from last week, Slovak pipeline operator Eustream said.
Nominations, or the amount scheduled for entry, totaled 48.9 million cubic meters, Eustream's website showed.
Compared with last week, gas deliveries have fallen about 17 percent to their lowest volumes since at least 2011.
Russia's Gazprom said Wednesday that it was unable to meet rising gas demand from Europe while it built up stockpiles ahead of winter, undermining the ability of Europe to supply Ukraine with gas.
INC News, 18/09/2014

Reported sighting of missing University of Virginia student

18 Russians Injured in Egypt Tour Bus Crash

Russians injured in Egypt

Eighteen Russian tourists have been injured in a collision between a tour bus and a truck on a highway near the Red Sea resort of Hurgada in Egypt, Russia's Emergency Situations Ministry said.
According to preliminary reports, 18 Russian citizens have been hospitalized in Hurgada with "traumatic injuries of various levels of severity" following the Wednesday accident on the Safaga-Hurghada highway, the ministry said in a statement Thursday, Interfax reported. Two Egyptians were also killed in the accident, Business Standard reported.
Road accidents killed about 13,000 people in Egypt last year, Canada's CBS reported. However, Business Standard cited Egypt's Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics as saying only 6,716 people died but 22,411 others were injured in road accidents in the country in 2013.
Last week, at least 38 people were killed and 41 others were injured when two tourist buses collided near the resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, media reports said. One of the injured was a Ukrainian citizen, CBS reported.
INC News, 18/09/2014

Apple Campus 2 construction video - August 2014 - shot with GoPro

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