Monday, June 15, 2015

В Семее устраняют последствия мощного урагана

За движение по спецполосе в Алматы водителям грозит штраф в 10 тысяч тенге

Центр Усть-Каменогорска оккупировали крысы

Казахстанцу, пострадавшему в Турции, срочно нужны деньги

Посетителям зоопарка в Германии показали полуторамесячных детенышей гепарда

Исследователь спустился в жерло действующего вулкана

Италия угрожает Европе за отказ забрать беженцев

Тбилиси борется с последствиями наводнения

Прощай, оружие! Обанкротился Colt - economy

Венгрия: нищета и дети

Бывший нунций предстанет перед судом в Ватикане за домогательства к детям

Последствия потопа в Тбилиси - BBC Russian

Armi da fuoco, negli Usa la Colt finisce in bancarotta - economy

Raw: Massive Water Main Break in Philadelphia

Cristoforetti in videoconferenza: "Il mio ritorno e l'ultima alba nello spazio"

AMERICA - 'Unspecified' threat to plane from London at Newark airport

A threat was called into the Newark-Liberty International Airport on Monday morning, according to local media. In particular, Delta flight 69, bound for Newark from London, was threatened. The call came in sometime just before 12:00 pm EST, according to sources for NBC 4 New York. The plane was then taken to a remote area and emptied of all 191 passengers and 11 crew members.
Continuing like this, flying will become no more a relax or a pleasure, especially during vacation. Terrorism is on the way to win the game to generate chaos, giving information not true all over they can.
INC New, 15/06/2015 - via RT

BELGIUM - Belgium sues Facebook for privacy breaches, tracking non-members

Continua la guerra contro le holding dei social networks. Questa volta é il Belgio che attacca Facebook reo di violare la privacy sia degli iscritti che dei non iscritti al social, e di mantenere controllati i computer degli iscritti. La dichiarazione di Obama non basta, le dichiarazioni del Garante non bastano, le leggi non servono. Come finirá la lotta tra una legge e chi la viola, se chi  ha scritto la legge é il primo che la viola?

The Belgian national privacy watchdog is taking Facebook to court over its privacy policy. The social network is being criticized for its tracking systems that it applies to both members and non-members. Belgium’s Commission for the Protection of Privacy claims that Facebook is breaking Belgian, as well as European privacy laws. That is the result of a special investigation conducted by the commission. The case will be tried in Brussels on Thursday. “Facebook treats its users’ private lives without respect and that needs tackling,” Willem Debeuckelaere, president of the watchdog, says. The commission has no power to punish Facebook, but hopes a court ruling will do something about the perceived privacy breaches.
Read article HERE
INC News, 15/06/2015 - via RT


Off to Arctic: Shell drilling rig leaves Seattle amid protest

Royal Dutch Shell 's oil rig Polar Pioneer has pulled out of Seattle's port to travel to the north of Alaska where it is to conduct underwater drilling. Over a dozen Greenpeace protesters in kayaks tried to blockade its departure.

Volcano from inside: Daredevil Crossman recalls up-front encounter with ...

Italy threatens EU with 'plan B that would hurt' if no solidarity in mig...

3D printed robots adapt themselves to their surroundings

Inondazioni in Georgia, giornata di lutto nazionale. Si cercano 24 dispersi

Russia, la banca centrale abbassa i tassi d'interesse all'11,5% - economy

Il pesce è davvero salutare per l'uomo? - futuris

Nantes, incendio nella Basilica di St. Rogatien e St. Donatien

Il Senegal in lotta col mare - science

Ventimiglia, seconda notte sugli scogli per centinaia di migranti blocca...

Il governo di Tobruk: "Ucciso in un raid Usa Mokhtar Belmokhtar, vicino ...

Corea del Sud, nuovi casi di Mers. Intanto riaprono le scuole

Search continues for 24 missing people after fatal Tbilisi floods

Migrants wait for fourth day on Italian-French border as Paris blocks th...

South Korea reopens schools and doubles MERS quarantine in stricken hosp...

Libyans claim Mokhtar Belmokhtar killed in US airstrike

Al Qaeda militant is 'killed in US air strike' inside Libya

Van De Telegraaf - Struikelt kabinet alsnog?

Van De Telegraaf - Consument haalt hand van knip

Van De Telegraaf - Reanimeren? ‘Géén idee!’

Van De Telegraaf - Eindelijk! IBAN-tool terug

Van De Telegraaf - Haai bijt tiener-armen af

09:00 - Aanval op burgemeester?

Does South Korea have the MERS outbreak under control?

Mokhtar Belmokhtar reportedly targeted in Libya airstrike

Pentagon: Counterterroism strikes conducted in Libya

Airbus and Boeing compete at Paris Air Show - BBC News

Yellow protest umbrellas return to Hong Kong streets - BBC News

Raw: Fire Erupts in 19th Century French Basilica

South Texas Pipeline Blast Prompts Evacuations

15th MERS victim dies in South Korea

United Airlines Passengers Stuck in Canada After Flight Was Diverted

2 Teens In North Carolina Lose Limbs In Separate Shark Attacks

Floods Destroy Zoo, Sending Dangerous Animals on the Loose

Rare Deadly Bacteria Emerges on Florida Beaches

Alleged Accomplice of Escaped Prisoners Appears in Court

AMERICA - BREAKING NEWS - Massive blaze in Texas following reported pipeline rupture

A massive fire has erupted near the town of Cuero, Texas following a reported rupture and blast at a gas pipeline. A huge column of fire could be seen from as far as 20 miles away, according to witnesses.
No injuries were reported as of Sunday night, Raul Diaz, a deputy with the DeWitt County Sheriff's Office said according to My San Antonio online news.
The explosion took place at around 8:30 pm Sunday, ABC KSAT 12 has reported, citing DeWitt County officials. Authorities are investigating the incident, but have had no details to share so far.
INC News, 15/06/2015 - via Twitter


At least 16 injured after bus, train collide in Cairns, Australia

A train on the Kuranda Scenic Railway collided with a bus near Cairns in Australia this afternoon. Sixteen people on the bus - staff from a local company - were injured.