Thursday, November 14, 2013

Let's give a hand to Interpol ...

Sky News has announced the receipt of mug shots of the most wanted criminals in Spain. Anyone who has seen one of these gentlemen can inform an officer of Police remaining anonymous. Help police in the search for dangerous people should be part of the common culture and good living.

The redaction of INC - Atyrau, 14/11/2013

Another typhoon and another collapse in the world?

 Once again, the force of nature  was unleashed on a region        of our globe where poverty    still matters. We cannot judge    the work of climatologists and    we cannot blame anyone on    how they handled emergencies (where they could be sent in time 1-2 millions of individuals?), but you can comment on the greatest composure of the Filipino people to react to such an emergency, in which they lost over ten thousand of their citizens. May be I am in right then to join many colleagues from all newspapers to appeal the world to react by giving first aid of any kind. This becomes an act of mutual support during and after major disasters that can happen at any time in any area of the planet. A thought of INC editorial staff to the victims and families of those who have disappeared because of the typhoon.

Astana, 14/11/2013-Bolat Kartbayev

Bag of women synonym of bad women hygiene?

We are again with the fight against microbes or women or the bags they carry? According to the researchers mentioned in the article, the continuous passage of hands dirty surfaces to the handles of the bags marks a new chapter of hygiene that you will soon follow, scientists say. Indeed, women's hands are much more likely to touch surfaces of all kinds, throughout the day. But in my opinion men are also at the same level, it seems strange that only women are carriers of the bacteria only to bring along a bag 12 hours a day. A bank teller, for example, handles money signs for the event type is not shown as a carrier of bacteria? I wonder if there is scientist who can impose the hens lay an egg wash before ....

Astana, 14/11/2013-Bolat Kartbayev

Ruble, Yen and Euro in place Dollar?

Following the articles most recently published by Pravda, Putin is gaining more and more respect for the presence of Obama in the international arena. The whole way in Russia things are not going quite as they should be because of the position of the separatists and xenophobic position of Poles in their own home. Generally our lovely planet bears the burdens of transition period, in which the masses of the people are crowded in much larger areas and decided to what they were before the Cold War between the U.S. and USSR. However, one thing we see very clear: Russia and China are imposing precise dictates of the market, and the dollar loses more attractive than the euro and other currencies. It almost seems that we are moving closer to the use of the ruble and the yen.

Atyrau, 14/11/2013-Mikhail Lermontov, Mira Kartbayeva

Who is the owner of this?

After seeing these pictures, I wondered if by chance they are not exaggerating, the assignment of digits for rare or valuable. While it is true that has no price or a very rare thing of great value as the painting Mona Lisa by Leonardo, I think the gentleman who bought this jewel should be a person who certainly for him the word philanthropy is probably nothing. Apart from this my prosaic definition, if this diamond is considered the most expensive ever, then the elusive Koohinor has probably become an object to be costume jewelry ....
Atyrau, 14/11/2013-Mikhail Lermontov 

Gold, Oil or Zinc?

There are now 14 who am I to work in Kazakhstan and yet I am never tired of saying that this Country is our and their new Eldorado. After the recent news about the signing of the agreement between Kazakhstan and Russia, having considered how many contracts have been signed between Italy and Kazakhstan. The new news about the "zink" is going to beat the black gold (oil)  hits all chats of mass-media. Today Australia and Kazakhstan are the best bridges in exploration and production of zink, especially after the increasing demand posed by China that uses it as a rust inhibitor in the car industry. 
Moreover I am convinced that who was defined as a dictator by all, at the end becomes leader highly placed onto economic problems of an enormous country with a few inhabitants rich in minerals turns to be more frightening to the whole world. And that is why, I believe, in the very near future the whole world will be chasing for opportunities to deal with a partner more and more active and innovative. Thanks to a youth of Kazakhstan still a virgin at political misdeeds of previous generations in other industrialized countries.

Atyrau, 14/11/2013-Mikhail Lermontov, Mira Kartbayeva