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Программа ВРЕМЯ в 21.00 (28.07.2016) 28 июля 2016 «1 канал»

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TG La7 - Edizione delle ore 20.00 del 28/07/2016

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Завершились поиски Сафара Шакеева – нашли тело

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Из алматинской больницы выписали второго полицейского, пострадавшего в т...

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В Бразилию вылетела первая группа казахстанских олимпийцев

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Primeras imágenes del autor de la mayor matanza en Japón desde la II Gue...

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Corea del Norte: "EE.UU. cruzó la línea roja al incluir a Kim Jong-un en...

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Desayuno con Putin: encuentro del presidente ruso con agricultores

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Silk Way Rally 360: Panoramic helicopter & cabin view, time-lapse

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Clinton slams Trump for praising dictators, despite having own ties

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Protesters clash with police outside DNC as Obama praises Clinton as ‘mo...

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Russia & Syria launch large-scale humanitarian operation for Aleppo residents

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Spazio: una base spaziale stampata in 3D? L'ESA studia l'ipotesi - science

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Turchia: chiuse decine di testate e TV, molti arresti tra i giornalisti

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Mistero Total: aperto processo per la morte misteriosa dello AD

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Turismo turco a picco: -40% da maggio (e continuerà così) - economy

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Germania: Merkel annuncia misure contro il terrorismo

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Polonia: papa Francesco a Czestochowa, oltrepassate torti e ferite del passato

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Volkswagen frenata dallo scandalo emissioni. Giù vendite e risultati

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Il Galaxy S7 mette le ali a Samsung (ma forse il meglio deve ancora venire

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Un'estate hi-tech per gli adolescenti ungheresi

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Facebook da capogiro: boom di ricavi e utili. Schizza anche la pubblicita


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Turchia: riunito il Consiglio militare supremo

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Terrorismo e media: è giusto divulgare foto e identità degli attentatori?

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Francia: identificati gli autori dell'attacco in chiesa, erano 19enni

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Psicosi attentati in Germania. Evacuato centro commerciale a Brema

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14 people set to die by firing squad

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Skytyping, wing walking and other aerial feats

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Trump ghostwriter: Working with Trump was a mistake

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Russian athletes depart for Olympics

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Cortana gets some new tricks in Windows 10 (How To)

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Tonight: Hillary Clinton's big night

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CBN NewsWatch: July 28, 2016

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ISIS Attack on French Priest a New Strategy against the West?

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Destructive hail hits Saguenay–Lac-St-Jean

It is late July but it's looking a lot like December in Saguenay.Violent thunderstorms brought golf-ball sized hail to both the city and the region on Wednesday.
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Massive anti-US rally staged at NATO Incirlik air base in Turkey

A crowd has been protesting near the Incirlik military base in Adana, Turkey. The base houses US and NATO forces.
Regional television has been broadcasting the rally. Reports on social media suggest up to 1,000 people have gathered to support the rally. Police have been deployed to block the entrance to the base, according to reports.  American officials have informed US citizens that the consulate in the city will be closed at the time of the protest.
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Perfect - Teaser | First Hand | CBC

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Бирюлево имеет что сказать Патриаршим

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ТВ-новости: опасный олимпийский Рио

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Жертвам наводнения в России отказали в помощи

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В Алматы вернулись лебеди

INC News, 28/07/2016 - source: ©Azattyq TV

Настоящее Время - Азия. 28 июля

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Raw: Scientists Explore Underwater Sinkhole

Researchers are exploring a blue hole in the waters of the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea. Data obtained by an underwater robot showed the hole is about 984 feet deep, making it the deepest blue hole ever to be discovered. 

INC News, 28/07/2016 - source: ©AP

X-ray scans of 'exceptional' dinosaur skeleton shed new light on 200mn-yo fossil

The complete skeleton of a 200-million-year-old herbivorous dinosaur discovered in South Africa has been scanned by the world's most intense x-ray source, revealing its ancient story.
The fossil is the most complete skeleton ever to be found of the heterodontosaurus tucki – a small, plant-eating dinosaur that lived during the Early Jurassic period.
The skeleton was analyzed by the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF), located in Grenoble, France, which teamed up with the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg to reconstruct and study the dinosaur's skeleton.
Read the entire interesting article, clicking HERE
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Kentucky Inmates Walk Out Open Jail Door

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Raw: Pope Francis Trips and Falls During Mass

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Police operation underway in Cologne after reports of armed person in employment agency

Police are investigating reports that an armed person was seen inside an employment agency building in the German city of Cologne. All employees have been ordered to stay inside their offices, and a search operation is underway, police told Express newspaper.
According to German media outlet Bild, police had an arrest warrant for a person who was reportedly inside the employment agency. At the same time, law enforcement were apparently made aware of an armed person in the building.
INC News, 28/07/2016 - source: ©RTNews

Around the markets in Schiedam - Rond de markten in Schiedam


To buy fruits and vegetables we all go there, and we all always the same problem: the value must comply with market standards and our wallet. The supermarkets and outdoor markets are now the masters, though for a long time you are observing the natural product that meets the price-quality ratio, for the benefit of the latter, where, despite not having the product "bundled" and labeled to keep long-life, it is freely chosen by the consumer, who can test the quality before you buy.
In the Netherlands, among the vegetables and fruits, stands out for a long time the turkish market, widely present with the chain of SAN grocery stores, which respects the value for money in clean, tidy and with friendly and patient workers. Since time ago, in the Netherlands, the bakeries run by the Turks were competing to see who makes the best bread, the same happens to those who sell fruits and vegetables of good quality at a reduced price.We went to visit the SAN store busiest in Schiedam, in an area where the majority of the population is Turkish, but that the Gemeente declared in 2015 to be the safest area of the city.
In a young environment, with attentive staff, patient and friendly, you can buy all kinds of foodstuffs at a competitive price and superior quality. Always attentive to the product verification, the staff is fast and makes you feel in a family environment, despite the multi-ethnicity of customers (in our visit we noticed five different nationalities, people, and all very inserted between them). Fruits and vegetables, constantly monitored, providing opportunities for appropriate choice and quality. The frozen zone, constantly controlled to avoid deadlines or anticipated thawing, food offers both traditional and European but of excellent choices.
Interviewed briefly, some customers have confirmed their choice of the store as clean and fresh, a gentleman also told us that he comes from Vlaardingen every week to make big spending in both the SAN store that in the large supermarket with the same name which it is located a few hundred meters away. "We want our customers happy with the product and our work, for this we do not mind the fatigue or the news that upset the world", he told us the owner.
Next trip for you readers: the supermarket.

Mikhail Lermontov, for INCNews, 28/07/2016 - ©INCNews

Om groenten en fruit we er allemaal gaan kopen, en we hebben allemaal altijd hetzelfde probleem: de waarde moet voldoen aan de normen markt en onze portemonnee. De supermarkten en outdoor markten zijn nu de meesters, maar voor een lange tijd dat u het observeren van de natuurlijke product dat de prijs-kwaliteit verhouding voldoet, ten behoeve van de laatste, waar ondanks het ontbreken van het product "gebundelde" en gelabeld te houden lange levensduur, is het vrij gekozen door de consument, die de kwaliteit te testen voordat je koopt.

In Nederland, een van de groenten en fruit, onderscheidt zich voor
 een lange tijd dat de Turkse markt, op grote schaal aanwezig met de keten van SAN supermarkten, die de waarde voor uw geld in schoon, netjes en vriendelijk en geduldig werknemers respecteert. Sinds tijd geleden, in Nederland, de bakkerijen gerund door de Turken werden concurreren om te zien wie maakt de beste brood, hetzelfde gebeurt met degenen die groente en fruit van goede kwaliteit te verkopen tegen een gereduceerd price.We ging naar de SAN winkel drukste bezoeken in Schiedam, in een gebied waar de meerderheid van de bevolking is Turks, maar dat de Gemeente verklaarde in 2015 tot de veiligste wijk van de stad zijn.

In een jonge omgeving, met attente personeel, geduldig en vriendelijk, kunt u alle soorten voedsel te kopen tegen een concurrerende prijs en een superieure kwaliteit. Altijd aandacht voor de verificatie product, het personeel is snel en geeft je het gevoel in een familiale omgeving, ondanks de multi-etniciteit van klanten (in ons bezoek merkten we vijf verschillende nationaliteiten, mensen, en allemaal heel ingevoegd tussen hen). Groenten en fruit, continu bewaakt, het bieden van mogelijkheden voor de juiste keuze en kwaliteit. De bevroren zone, voortdurend gecontroleerd om deadlines of verwachte ontdooien, voedsel biedt zowel traditionele als Europese, maar van uitstekende keuzes te voorkomen.
Geïnterviewd kort, hebben sommige klanten hun keuze van de winkel zo schoon bevestigd en fris,
een gentleman vertelde ons ook dat hij afkomstig is uit Vlaardingen elke week om grote uitgaven, zowel in de SAN winkel te maken dat in de grote supermarkt met dezelfde naam, die is gelegen op een paar honderd meter verderop. "We willen dat onze klanten tevreden met het product en ons werk, want dit we niet de vermoeidheid of het nieuws dat de wereld van streek erg", vertelde hij ons de eigenaar.
Volgende reis voor u lezers: de supermarkt.

Mikhail Lermontov, for INCNews, 28/07/2016 - ©INCNews

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, an Unlikely Team of Rivals | ABC News

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Ferrari FF. Мегазаводы. Документальные фильмы. National Geographic. (28....

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US Will Now Use Sanctions Against Those Countries Using Cyber Attacks - ...

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