Friday, August 7, 2015

В Подмосковье совершено покушение на адвоката

Журналист-антикоррупционер застрелен в прямом эфире

"Диалог с прокурором": Наталья Поклонская встретилась со студентами

Почему разбился автобус в Турции: что запомнили те, кто находился в салоне

Журналистов не пустят к Васильевой без ее согласия

Чемпиона "Формулы-1" усыпили газом и ограбили

Космонавт Аимбетов тренируется в Звездном городке

Водитель в невменяемом состоянии устроил ДТП в Алматы

В Караганде «уволили» 150 тысяч куриц

Крупный пожар в Алматы: людей спасали пожарные и собаки

Погибшая в Турции карагандинка год копила на турпутёвку

В Бельгии забивают скот, больной бычьим туберкулёзом

Американские бренды готовы к повторному покорению Ирана - economy

Кто выиграл, а кто проиграл от санкций Москвы? - economy



Hackers can steal your fingerprint data from Android devices

Android devices equipped with a fingerprint sensor are vulnerable to hacker attacks. They can not only bypass the biometric authentication, but even steal the fingerprint data itself, security researchers told a hacker conference. Tao Wei and Yulong Zhong from the cybersecurity firm FireEye Inc. reported their findings on Wednesday to the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas.
The researcher devised four vectors that hackers could use to target fingerprint sensors. One of them allows for "remotely harvest fingerprints on a large scale," without the user ever noticing it. Considering that unlike passwords fingerprints can’t be easily altered and are used for identification in many venues, a compromised phone may leave its user with a lifetime of their data being misused. The speakers said the HTC One Max and Samsung Galaxy S5 were confirmed to be vulnerable to such attacks. Hay added that the affected vendors were alerted and have since provided patches. Zhong noted that Apple devices used different methods for storing fingerprint data and were quite secure against theft attempts.

INC News, 07/08/2015 - via RT

Ghost of haunted English castle captured on film

The Keeper, Tutbury Castle’s notorious phantom, may have been captured on film for the first time in history, following countless reported sightings and hair-raising encounters. Footage captured within the walls of the Staffordshire castle reveals a shadowy figure standing near a wall for almost 20 seconds, before moving across the room and vanishing out of sight. Staff and visitors at Tutbury Castle have reported countless unexplained phenomena over the years. Besides the Keeper, an apparition of a man in a full suit of armor has reportedly terrorized guests. The film was shot by a professional television crew recording a TV series, The Past Hunters. Co-director Bex Palmer can be seen in the clip pointing out the figure to psychic medium Derek Acorah. INC News, 07/08/2015 - via RT

Russian hackers reportedly hit Pentagon email system

Shootings, stabbings, explosions: Violence spikes in Sweden

США: уровень безработицы в июле не изменился - economy

Нападение на отель в Мали

Средиземноморье: более 225.000 мигрантов с начала года

Россия: утилизовано 290 тонн "запрещенки"

Французская заложница, похищенная в Йемене, освобождена

Мали. В нехватке воды жители обвиняют миротворцев ООН

Russia destroys tonnes of illegal food imports at its border

Russia: una petizione contro la distruzione di alimenti occidentali sott...

USA: ritrovato uno Stradivari rubato trentacinque anni fa, consegnati ag...

Yemen, liberata ostaggio francese, era stata sequestrata nel febbraio sc...

Siria: rapiti 230 civili, tra questi almeno 60 cristiani

Dramma dei migranti: nuovi sbarchi in Sicilia, in manette 5 presunti sca...

Mali: attaccato albergo per stranieri

Usa, 215 mila posti di lavoro creati a luglio. Attesa per la Fed - economy

Terrorists attack UN hotel in central Mali

'How I called International Space Station from my shed' - BBC News

An amateur radio enthusiast managed to call astronauts on the International Space Station using simple equipment in his shed.
Adrian Lane, of Gloucestershire, sent out a call signal to the ISS and was "stunned" when he received a reply. He told Jane Hill on the Victoria Derbyshire programme that the astronaut on board told him the "stars look like diamonds" when viewed from the station.

INC News, 07/08/2015 - via BBC News

Pennsylvania AG Faces Criminal Charges

Stradivarius Violin Recovered After 35 Years

Raw: Norway Camp that Saw Teen Massacre Reopens

‘Coolste’ boekwinkel totaal verrast

Wie lost dit zwaardmysterie op?

Mega-drugsvangst op zee gefilmd

‘Virtual reality snel realiteit’

Cop confrontation goes viral

Под Москвой нашли "санкционное" мясо - BBC Russian

US-trained Syrian fighters refusing to fight

A Tribute to Peter Jennings