Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Ex Watkins: Ik stuurde hem kinderporno om hem erin te luizen

Joanne Mjadzelics, de vroegere liefde van de in 2013 voor pedofilie veroordeelde Ian Watkins, zegt de voormalige zanger van de band Lostprophets kinderporno te hebben gestuurd. Dit meldt de Huffington Post naar aanleiding van de rechtszaak die nu gaande is tegen Mjadzelics. De vrouw stuurde Watkins in 2011 vijf foto's met kinderporno en een bericht dat ze nog meer foto's had. Ze stuurde de foto's naar eigen zeggen om de Welshe rockster erin te luizen, omdat de politie niets deed met haar melding over de pedofiele activiteiten van haar vriend.
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INC News, 06/01/2015

Buurt fel tegen seksclub: Niet nog eens gekreun en gebonk

Omwonenden van de voormalige seksclub aan de Nieuwehaven in Gouda zijn fel tegen de komst van een nieuw bordeel in het complex. Ze vrezen herhaling van overlast door gekreun, gebonk, geschreeuw en harde muziek. Yvon Wilthof heeft onlangs tot haar schrik van de gemeente vernomen dat ze opnieuw een seksclub als buren krijgt. ,,Dat willen we niet meer in onze buurt. Een bordeel hoort gewoon niet thuis in een woonomgeving. En we hebben al zo verschrikkelijk veel overlast gehad.'' 

INC News, 06/01/2015

Lituania, il peggior lanciatore di coltelli del mondo: ''sfiora'' due volte l'assistente

Israel sentences Hamas man to life for teen killings

Ex-mayor's wife arrested in case of missing Mexican students

Павлодарские таксисты не собираются тратиться на детские автокресла

В Атырау люди и машины утопают в грязи

Snowstorms set to batter Israel and Mideast for second year running

Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas

Suicide bomb attack at police station in Turkey

La eurozona, en peligro para 2015 si las principales economías no crecen...

Las celebraciones ortodoxas durante la Navidad

Ataque suicida en Estambúl

Istanbul : une femme kamikaze tue un policier

Veille de Noël en Russie, en Syrie et à Bethléem

Red Meat Linked to Various Cancers

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Former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell sentenced to two years for corruption.

OneWheel Rolls into CES - For sure overpasses skateboard!

Muslim & gay: Drag act 'gets death threats'

Raw: Dozens Injured in Brazil Train Accident

Raw: NYPD on Manhunt for Shooting Suspect

Two NYC Police Officers Shot; Manhunt Underway

Raw: Hedge Fund Shooting Suspect in Court

A 30-year-old man is accused of shooting to death his father, a prominent hedge fund founder. Police say the shooting happened after the two argued over the son's allowance.

Raw: China Ice Festival Enchants Visitors

Rock Climbers on Potential Record-Setting Journey Across Yosemite Cliff

Next SpaceX rocket launch attempt expected on Friday

Solar Impulse plane set to circle world using renewable energy

Thousands rally in North Korea in support of Kim Jong-un

Epiphany celebrated in Rome, Istanbul and Sofia

Thousands of Indians flee rising violence in Kashmir

South Australia hopes for weather break as fires rage near Adelaide

European shares struggle to hold ground as market fears grow

Spectacular explosion: Fireworks warehouse goes up with a bang! Columbia

Facebook's Zuckerberg announces New Year's resolution - read books

New Details Emerge in Baffling Disappearance of Russian Hedge Fund CEO

New details have emerged in the scandal surrounding Russian hedge fund Blackfield Capital, whose founder disappeared last October, allegedly with all of the company's assets, and hasn't been heard from since. In a report published by the Wall Street Journal, former employees of the company — which has since gone bankrupt — said the founder, Kim Karapetyan, had plans for expansion into the West. Blackfield Capital had all the appearances of a smashing Russian success story. Launched in 2009, the company specialized in algorithmic trading and was trading as much as 2 percent of futures and options contracts on the Moscow Stock Exchange by 2013, the report said. Karapetyan reportedly told employees that the firm had once managed $300 million in assets.
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INC News, 06/01/2015 - via MT

Russian Ruble Plunges as Oil Prices Hit Five-Year Low

The ruble fell more than 4 percent on Tuesday in thin, volatile holiday trading as oil prices hit a new 5-1/2-year low.
By 1:03 p.m., the ruble was down 4.5 percent against the dollar at 63.55 rubles and 3.9 percent weaker against the euro at 75.52. Commentators said weak oil prices, which slumped yet again on expectations of a supply glut, would continue to weigh heavily on the Russian currency, making it extra vulnerable to sharp moves in thin trade. 
"USD/RUB in the current circumstances is in a most dangerous position, especially since the majority of Russian traders have yet to return from the New Year holidays," Forex Club senior analyst, Alena Afanasyeva, wrote in a note.
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INC News, 06/01/2015 - via MT

Volcano in Russia's Far East May or May Not Be Spewing Lava

A volcano in Russia's far eastern region of Kamchatka that began erupting ash on Monday may now be discharging lava, a news report said Tuesday.
"It's impossible to say right now whether lava has begun pouring out of the volcano, because there is no visibility in the area. If that happens, the lava will flow northwest," a scientist from the regional branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences told TASS news agency. The Klyuchevsky volcano boasts a height of 4,750 meters and is considered to be one of the most active volcanoes on the planet. On Monday, the regional branch of the Emergency Situations Ministry announced that the volcano was belching ash and advised residents living nearby to avoid going outdoors.
INC News, 06/01/2015 - via MT

Technology fever grips Las Vegas: the Consumer Electronics Show

Economic tuna in Japan!

The first tuna auction of the year in Tokyo landed a Japanese sushi chain owner the first and most expensive “New Year Tuna” at Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market on Monday (January 5). Kiyoshi Kimura, the owner of the “Sushi Zanmai” restaurant chain, bought a 180.4-kilogram Pacific bluefin tuna for 4.51 million yen (31,871 euros).

Today Epiphany: best wishes to Christian and Christian Orthodox!

Pope Francis has celebrated Epiphany with a mass at St Peter’s Basilica. The day marks the revelation of God the Son as a human being and the time Saint John the Baptist is believed to have baptised Jesus Christ. It also heralds the arrival of the Three Wise Men to the birthplace of the Christ Child.
In Istanbul followers of the Greek Orthodox tradition dived into the Bosporus to retrieve a wooden cross after being thrown into the waters by an Orthodox priest. Folklore in Bulgaria tells of a dangerous world before Epiphany. The blessing of the waters provides security and well being. It is also said the heavens open on the night before Epiphany and wishes are granted.
INC News, 06/12/2015