Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Программа ВРЕМЯ в 2100 (11.11..2015) 11 ноября 2015 «1 канал»

Реакция алматинцев на жестокое обращение с животным

Слежка за пользователями может стоить Facebook €250 000 ежедневно

Депутатов возмутил отказ правительства регулировать цены на хлеб

Убийца павлодарского полицейского предстал перед судом

Польша отметила День независимости

"День холостяков" озолотит Alibaba - economy

Egitto, l'impatto economico dello stop ai voli dopo la tragedia Metrojet...

EU sparks row with Israel over settlement made goods labels

Afghan Hazara mourn, demand government guarantee security

Violence erupts as Poland marks Independence Day

L'Europe impose l'étiquetage des produits des territoires occupés par Is...

L'Egypte va perdre €260 millions par mois avec la suspension des vols ru...

Hoe kon doodrijder zijn gang gaan?

Coroner noticed red flags in Fox Lake cop's death

106 people indicted in Waco biker shootout

Kabul protest against brutal Hazara killings

Syria's war: ISIL pushed out of airbase

Malian refugee tastes success in Italy with yogurt-making business

Alibaba's 'Singles Day' world's biggest cyber shopping event

Fast food workers on strike demanding for higher wage

AB InBev-SABMiller, 100 mld di euro per creare l'impero della birra - ec...


INC News, 11/11/2015 - via Euronews

"Festa dei single" cinese, Alibaba ha battuto il suo record di vendita -...


INC News, 11/11/2015 - via Euronews

Il grano spiato dal drone - hi-tech


INC News, 11/11/2015 - via Euronews

Slovenia: al via la costruzione del "muro" al confine con la Croazia


INC News, 11/11/2015- via Euronews

Doping di Stato russo, Cio: "Tolleranza zero, pronti a ritirare le medag...


INC News, 11/11/2015 - via Euronews

Usa. Incriminate 3 persone per cyber-truffa che colpì JPM e Wall Street ...



INC News, 11/11/2015 - via Euronews

Egitto. Rilasciato il giornalista Hossam Bahgat

EasyJet festeggia 20 anni lanciando un programma fedeltà - economy


INC News, 11/11/2015 - via Euronews

Scandalo anti-doping, Mosca accusa: "Rapporto su commissione"

Abdullah II di Giordania: "Solo la Russia potrà risolvere la crisi siriana"

Millions fall silent to mark Armistice Day

US charges three in massive hack attack

Chine : Alibaba bat des records de vente en ligne pour le onze-onze - ec...

Dopage : les amputations commencent, mais la gangrène est profonde

‘Ik peins niet over aandeel ABN’

Vervangt nieuwe iPad Pro de laptop?

Zo krijgt u meer salaris!

Klungeldief snijdt Porsche kapot

Rel rond Miss World-finale

Breaking Bad in het museum

Bonen zijn het nieuwe vlees

Facebook readies internet drone test - BBC News


Facebook says it hopes to carry out the first test flight of a solar-powered drone before the end of the year. The social network aims to eventually build up a fleet of the aircraft to test the possibility of creating laser beam-enabled networks in the sky to provide internet access to people below.
The aircraft, Aquila 1, is about the width of a Boeing 737 jet but much lighter in weight.

INC News, 11/11/2015 - via BBC News

Chipotle Reopening Restaurants After Outbreak

8-Year-Old Boy in Alabama Charged With Murder

Athletics scandal: Russia hits back at WADA report

Greece fast-tracks registration process for refugees

South Africa to sentence rogue police officers

Paris climate talks continue

Black Friday Arriving Earlier This Year

SAHARA DESERT - Vast underground river system discovered in once-vibrant Western Sahara

A riveting mystery is unfolding in Western Sahara, as scientists discover a massive ancient underground river system with the aid of satellite imaging. It confirms that only about 5,000 years ago, the Sahara was an immensely vibrant place.
The African region containing the Mauritanian Desert is roughly the size of the United States – or a quarter of Africa; so if such conditions persisted today, the river system would be the world's 12th-largest, French-led research indicates in the journal Nature Communications.
Read the very interesting article HERE
INC News, 11/11/2015 - via RT


Several students collapse at Ripon school, rushed to hospital

A number of students aged between 11 and 16 have been rushed to hospital after collapsing at a school in North Yorkshire. Emergency services are on the scene. The cause of the incident is not yet known.
Emergency services were called to Outwood Academy School on Clotherholme Road at around 12:30pm GMT on Wednesday after staff members witnessed a group of children lose consciousness.

INC News, 11/11/2015 - via RT

Войска Асада разрушили двухлетнюю блокаду "Исламского государства"

Скончался создатель "Д'Артаньяна и трёх мушкетеров"

МОК призывает Россию сотрудничать по делу о допинге

На Мальте открывается саммит ЕС-Африка, посвященный миграционному кризису

В США предъявлены обвинения 3 подозреваемым в хакерской атаке на JPMorga...

Пилоты российских ВКС в Сирии в среднем поражают три цели за вылет

‘Vibrating and shaking’: Enormous icebergs break off from glacier in Iceland

A video of enormous chunks of ancient ice covered in dark volcanic ash breaking off from a glacier, captured by a tourist in Iceland, has taken YouTube by storm.
Don Olen and his wife were on a trip to Svinafellsjokull Glacier when they shot the stunning clip. They were away from their group when they heard noises that sounded like an iceberg starting to break up.

Ecco un filmato davvero nuovo ed interessante da vedere anche un paio di volte. Non capita spesso di poter vedere pezzi di Permafrost staccarsi cosi'.

Guardate il clip e seguite quanto descritto dall'articolista di RT, cliccando QUI

INC News, 11/11/2015