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AMERICA - Mom Sentenced for Convincing Son He Had Cancer

Kazakhstan has stopped supplying electricity to Russia due to ruble devaluation

Kazakhstan has stopped supplying electricity to Russia staring from November 24 this year due to devaluation of Russian currency rubble, said Chairman of the Board of Samruk-Energy Almasadam Satkaliyev, reports azh.zk.
“It was not profitable for our stations. The loss of this market is essential moment,” said Satkaliyev at a press conference in Bishkek. Russia's ruble opened 0.5 percent lower against the dollar on Wednesday.
At 0707 GMT, the ruble was around 0.4 percent lower against the dollar at 46.44 and fell 0.7 percent to trade at 57.93 versus the euro, said Moscow Times.
INC News, 26/11/2014- via Ak Zhaik

Infertility of couples in Kazakhstan is due to 'questionable Western values' and promiscuity

An alarming rise in infertility among young couples in Kazakhstan has been explained by trends observed in the "transitional" period of the 1990s, after that Kazakhstan gained independence (in 1991), tengrinews reports citing the Director of the Kazakh Center for Healthy Lifestyle Marat Kurmanov. Kurmanov said that 30% of young couples in Kazakhstan were infertile, a problem gaining alarming proportions, and this trend was rooted in what had been largely overlooked in the early days of Kazakhstan – values and lifestyle.
“The thing is that this is the generation that grew up at the time of big changes. This is not only the period when the government loosened its control over young people's health. Promiscuity is what characterizes this generation, which eventually led to venereal diseases, sexually transmitted and other," he said of the people aged 25-30.“The government was just rising to its feet, market relations were forming. During this period, ideology was weakened, questionable Western values were instilled and unhealthy lifestyles was cultivated by the media," he said. "We are now reaping the fruits of what was sown a long time ago," Kurmanov said.
He said that a lot of important things were neglected in the 1990s, which is why this “transitional generation” that is 1/3 infertile emerged. But not all is lost.“With the help of the Center for Healthy Lifestyle established 17 years ago, these problems are being addressed,” he said. Moreover, the ideas of healthy lifestyle have been gaining momentum in the Kazakh society over the past years.“Unhealthy lifestyle is no longer fashionable among young people. And this is great. Now the youth is getting a more responsible attitude to their health. Healthy lifestyle is fashionable,” he said.
INC News, 26/11/2014-via Ak Zhaik

Burglars Admit Savage Attack On Academic

Four Polish men have admitted carrying out a burglary during which an academic was savagely beaten in his home. Paul Kohler was left needing facial reconstruction surgery for a fractured eye socket after he was attacked by a gang of balaclava-clad men.
Mr Kohler's wife, Samantha MacArthur, was also threatened by two of the intruders who tried to tie her to a chair with duct tape.Pawel Honc, 23, of no fixed abode, and Mariusz Tomaszewski, 32, of Crusoe Road, Mitcham, south London, pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm with intent and aggravated burglary at Kingston Crown Court.
INC News, 26/11/2014

Oil price falls ahead of Opec meeting

Inventories of commercial US crude oil increased by 1.9 million barrels from the previous week, according to the US Energy Information Administration. Brent crude future's price slid 0.9% to $77.60 a barrel after the data. The drop came as Saudi Arabia indicated it would not push for output cuts to help push up oil prices.The oil market will "stabilise itself eventually", said Saudi Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi.
Saudi Arabia is the largest producer of the 12 members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec). The oil cartel is split over how to react to the sharp slump in oil prices. The price of Brent crude has plunged 30% since June, triggered by a sharp rise in US shale oil output and weakening global demand. There is speculation that on Thursday Opec could announce its first cut in oil production since 2009 in an attempt to support the oil price.
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INC News, 26/11/2014

Hong Kong protests: Policemen arrested over beating

Seven Hong Kong policemen have been arrested in connection with the beating of a pro-democracy protester. A police statement said the officers, who had already been suspended, were detained on suspicion of "assault resulting in grievous body harm". The incident took place on 15 October during clashes when police cleared an underpass by the Admiralty camp. Civic Party protester Ken Tsang was filmed being led away in handcuffs and beaten for several minutes. Local TV network TVB later aired footage of his assault, and Mr Tsang's lawyer said that the beatings had continued after he was taken to a police station. The authorities suspended the officers and launched an investigation shortly after the clip was aired.
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INC News, 26/11/2014

Spain Health Minister Ana Mato resigns amid Gurtel scandal

Spain's Health Minister, Ana Mato, has resigned after a judge accused her of benefitting from illegal payments. Her ex-husband, Jesus Sepulveda, was found to be linked to a huge corruption case involving the ruling People's Party. A court issued a formal ruling which signalled that Ms Mato had no knowledge of any possible crime. The scheme caused a scandal for PM Mariano Rajoy, who apologised after party members were arrested by police.
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INC News, 26/11/2014

Passengers in Russia's Arctic Asked to Push Plane Down Runway in -50 C

Russia's Foreign Ministry Slams U.S. as Ferguson Riots Continue

As U.S. authorities deployed the National Guard to deal with riots in Ferguson, Missouri, Russia's state-run media and Foreign Ministry claimed that the protests reflected President Barack Obama's inability to handle his own domestic affairs and the U.S. administration's failure to protect human rights. The events in Ferguson and nationwide protests in the U.S. — sparked by the decision Monday not to indict a white police officer who shot dead an unarmed black teenager last August — dominated much of Russia's state-run media reports Wednesday, with programs on state-run channel Rossia-24 and Vesti describing the situation as proof that racism still exists in the country.
Russia's Foreign Ministry chimed in on the situation with a typically scathing statement urging U.S. authorities to focus on domestic problems rather than foreign affairs.
INC News, 26/11/2014

Amid Clamor on Oil Price, Deep Mutual Distrust Divides Russia and OPEC

Amid falling oil prices, a plunging ruble and a gathering financial crisis, then-Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin caught the world's attention in September 2008 as he led an unprecedentedly high-profile Russian delegation to the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries in Austria to rally international support for output cuts.
In the last few days, history appeared to be repeating itself. The officials dispatched to Vienna earlier this week were the most heavyweight group to represent Russia at OPEC since the financial crisis. Sechin, the most powerful figure in Russia's energy industry and now the head of Russia's state-owned oil giant Rosneft, arrived Tuesday to hold talks with some of the key players in the cartel, including Saudi Arabia.
While one of the world's biggest energy exporters, Russia has never been a member of OPEC.
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INC News, 26/11/2014

8-year-old Palestinian girl reports on West Bank conflict

Kenyans protest surge in terrorism and insecurity

AMERICA - Fresh protests across US as fury over Ferguson spreads

Across the United States there have been new protests over a grand jury’s decision not to charge a white police officer with killing an unarmed black teenager. In Ferguson, some 2,000 National Guard troops were employed to prevent a second night of rampant arson and looting in the St Louis suburb.
The scene on the streets was similar in the capital Washington DC, where hundreds marched, crippling traffic on several roads near the White House. In New York, police used pepper spray to control the crowd after protesters tried to block the Lincoln Tunnel and Triborough Bridge and descended on Times Square.
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INC News, 26/11/2014

At least 50 civilians killed in US-led airstrikes in Syria

RAW: Moment Ferguson police detain Ruptly journalist

Clashes in Hong Kong as police clear protest site

Pope prays Turkey trip will bring "fruits of peace"

В Кокшетау студент до полусмерти избил учителя физики

Russie : le bénéfice de Sberbank chute au troisième trimestre - economy

Expédition britannique pour mesurer l'épaisseur de la banquise - science

FIFA sponsorship troubles continue

Ferguson puts focus on U.S. racial divide

Low oil prices costing Russia

Mediterranean rescue of stricken migrant ship

Denis Mukwege: Sakharov Prize winner and champion of human rights

Cash-strapped Russian tourists stay away from Austrian ski resorts

Dozens killed as Morocco hit by fresh floods

'Arrested without any warning': RT Ruptly producer on Ferguson detention

Uber The Top: London cab drivers angered by taxi app

Over a Barrel: OPEC may cut production to boost prices

Жители Фергюсона протестуют вторую ночь подряд

Экс-аким Павлодарской области Ерлан Арын освобожден из-под стражи в зале...

FRANCE - Gunmen open fire in Champs-Elysees District in Cartier's robbery

AMERICA - BREAKING NEWS - 44 arrests overnight in Ferguson

AMERICA - BREAKING NEWS - 'You are promoting a certain narrative'

Raw: Hong Kong Police Clear Protesters

44 Arrests During Ferguson Protests

Il mondo oggi 26 Novembre

Siamo alla fine di Novembre di un anno disastrato da tante cose, ed oggi ci siamo accorti che il mondo e' davvero in rivolta su tutto. Provate a dare una occhiata alla sequenza di filmati che vi proponiamo e che circolano oggi in rete, e diteci se e' mai possibile che il nostro mondo bedda essere solo ed unicamente questo.

Incredible survival footage: Man hit by 3 cars still alive in China

Parigi, armati di kalashnikov rapinano negozio di Cartier

Scene da thriller nel cuore di Parigi. Per circa due ore, la Francia è rimasta col fiato sospeso per la violenta rapina di una boutique di Cartier, con la successiva fuga dei malviventi in scooter e l’epilogo all’interno di un salone di coiffure, con la liberazione di una parrucchiera presa in ostaggio. Un episodio da film d’azione, che si è fortunatamente concluso nel migliore dei modi, senza spargimenti di sangue e con il ritrovamento del bottino. 

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INC News, 25/11/2014

Cybercrime, così i nigeriani hanno beffato italiani e cinesi